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replacing glass in a windshield

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  • replacing glass in a windshield

    I believe I have found a windshield frame that is in pretty good condition. I say " believe " because I have yet to pull it apart. The glass is cracked and needs to be replaced. This leads me to some questions. First, is there a good source for the glass. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and hate to have to pay to much shipping. Other questions pertain to difficulty of removing the old glass and installation of the new. What do I need to be careful with and whatever other helpful tips are out there. This will be an after Christmas project as our local holiday (deer season) is taking precedents. I am spraying the fasteners with kroil already to hopefully make that part easier.

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    Take the the existing cracked glass to your local glass shop, and have one cut out of 1/4" laminate using that template. A little warmth and and an impact driver may aide in removing the old frame screws. Def an impact driver
    Tap the frame apart with a rubber hubcap mallet and a piece of wood. Clean out the old frame channels and then get new setting tape. I sell the original style cork and rubber tape (see the classifieds or ebay) or just buy the poor fitting junk the suppliers sell. Buy a new screw kit from your favorite supplier

    Here is a link to some videos on glass installation, a VFF exclusive
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      Flip the glass end for end on a paper template to make sure your glass is square. I used my old glass, and found out it was not. I made a template from an orginal that jw hash had and fortunately the glass cutter remade it for free.


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        I went to our local glass company and had him cut a piece of safety glass for my roadster. Since I had just the frame and not glass for a template, the fit I had to work with made the job a pain. It’s the exact same concept of having a nice straight frame for your restoration = things generally fit better. Good luck and ask questions, I wish I had known about Mitch prior to the wrong black gunk I used. I made it work, but what a nightmare.


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