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Original luggage rack 1930 deluxe roadster?

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  • Original luggage rack 1930 deluxe roadster?

    On a 1930 deluxe roadster I recently purchased it has a chrome luggage rack that I thought was an 70's or '80's repo, but it has the wood grain painted strips on the rear as the oringinals were. Most re-pop racks have real wood strips. My question is how do I tell an original rack from an newer reproduction rack? Any one have pictures of an original rack? Thanks Steve

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    Hey Volleyman, WELCOME to the VFF!!

    We need pictures of the top, bottom, and sides to tell which it is.
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      Welcome to the VFF.
      As Wiz stated, pictures would be great. Lucky you, to have the original style painted slates.


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        Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
        Hey Volleyman, WELCOME to the VFF!!

        We need pictures of the top, bottom, and sides to tell which it is.


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          Sure looks like what must be a re-pop on mine. Also looks like wood slats to me??
          Paul in CT


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            Originally posted by 1931 Flamingo View Post
            .......... Also looks like wood slats to me??
            Paul in CT
            That's just the sign of a good woodgrainer.


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