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Original luggage rack 1930 deluxe roadster?

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  • Original luggage rack 1930 deluxe roadster?

    On a 1930 deluxe roadster I recently purchased it has a chrome luggage rack that I thought was an 70's or '80's repo, but it has the wood grain painted strips on the rear as the oringinals were. Most re-pop racks have real wood strips. My question is how do I tell an original rack from an newer reproduction rack? Any one have pictures of an original rack? Thanks Steve

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    Hey Volleyman, WELCOME to the VFF!!

    We need pictures of the top, bottom, and sides to tell which it is.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      Welcome to the VFF.
      As Wiz stated, pictures would be great. Lucky you, to have the original style painted slates.
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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        Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
        Hey Volleyman, WELCOME to the VFF!!

        We need pictures of the top, bottom, and sides to tell which it is.


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          Sure looks like what must be a re-pop on mine. Also looks like wood slats to me??
          Paul in CT


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            Originally posted by 1931 Flamingo View Post
            .......... Also looks like wood slats to me??
            Paul in CT
            That's just the sign of a good woodgrainer.


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