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New.... and front seat adjusting "nut" info

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  • New.... and front seat adjusting "nut" info

    HI folks --- new to this forum --- I am on a couple others, but checking this one out all.
    I am in Alaska with a 30 4 door. It is a daily driver, with a bit of restoration. One of those fun cars that is not super nice, but nice enough so everyone loves it and I don't mind loading it with tools and lumber at Home Depot ---- anyway, this winter doing some repair work ---- working this week on the front seat. Both repairing it and moving it back a bit, since I am a tall guy. ..............

    The large "nut" on the back of the seat; mounted on the metal bracket mounted to the floor.........
    Is it suppose to pivot or is it welded solid? Mine is broken out of the bracket, and I don't know if it is suppose to be solid or pivot.

    The screw and large knob is fine. Just the large stationary nut is broken from the bracket.
    Do you know if that nut and fixture can be bought separately?

    picture is attached IMG_0947.JPG

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    Hey Mark, WELCOME to the VFF!!
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      Welcome. I'm not seeing what's broken. The nut looks fine from what I can see.


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        sorry Tom ----- That is what it looks like when I set it back in place. It was out of the two side pieces. The side pieces are steel, but the "nut" seems to be aluminum, or some form or "pot metal" and not weld-able. I should have left them apart when I took the picture. Here is what it really looks like..........


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          Welcome Mark to the VFF

          It seems that this part is available

          Post up some pics of your Fordor
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            Welcome to the VFF!


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              Welcome to the forum Mark, I also have a 30 4 door and needed extra leg room to get into the car. When I bought mine it had this seat track , I don't know where it came from but was easy to move back to give more leg room and easier to move into driving position. I had a coupe with a set up like you are showing and it was much more difficult to move the seat (especially if you were sitting on it) . Good luck and welcome once again.


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