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Gas tank welt - 29 Tudor

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  • Gas tank welt - 29 Tudor

    When installing the welt around the gas tank, should I use any adhesive or sealer, or is the pressure provided by all the small bolts around the tank and cowl enough to keep the rain out?

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    I never used sealer, and think it might cause problems if you need to remove or paint the tank.


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      Same here that would make a mess. These cars were water resistant not waterproof
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        I agree with Tom and Mitch...If you make your "cuts" right...the Anti-squeak material should slip into the area just fine...Just make sure you are pulling the the strip as close to the mating surface as possible.



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          make your cuts, do not cut all the way to the bead. Staple on some pull strips of cloth that hang inside, remove them later.
          It really is a two-man job, if possible. I have done them myself, but it is a bear

          I have a touring and take water in a few places, mostly at the windshield corners, in heavy rain, but never had any come in at the tank
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          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
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            Like Dave said!!!
            The Les Andrews red book shows this pretty clearly. ((cutting and stapling strips))

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          Thanks, all! A great place to get the details from those who know!


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            If there are any gaps in a car that need to be filled to keep out dirt, water, or exhaust fumes, then GB makes a gray putty like dum-dum, which is good for filling spaces. I just bought some to fill holes in the A post on my 1999 Olds, where water had been leaking in for the past 12 years. I found it in the electrical section of Menards lumber yard. GB stands for Gardner Bender.


            • jordanka16
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              I need some of that, I have a couple light leaks in my car.

            • BNCHIEF
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              Stands for great bend where I live, just kidding Tom.

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            yep, electricians use the stuff all the time where the service cable enters your meter trough


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