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    Charlie is QUITE understanding and he thought right off why the flange was bent, figured (as I had guessed) that the crank had probably been dropped on the flange at one time. He showed me what they would do to true up the flange, then the flywheel and then balance the whole shebang. Gave me a tour of the separate room where he does balancing. Said that we'd be within one gram when finished!


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      Now that's doin it right. ken


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      • Ayyy
        Clutch Pressure Plate: New vs. Rebuilt Original...Which Do You Recommend?
        by Ayyy
        I'll be replacing the clutch in the next few weeks. My stock pressure plate options seem to be either a brand new one, or a rebuilt unit. Which type do you prefer?

        For reference, this is Bert's New Pressure Plate:
        04-09-2018, 07:22 PM
      • greenhornet
        Fort Wayne Clutch and pressure plate
        by greenhornet
        I question if anyone else ever received a rebuilt pressure plate from Fort Wayne for a Model A Ford and checked the clutch finger adjustment? I recently got one and was surprised to see how far off the measurement was.I really would not have even known that this measurement was off if it hadn't been written down in the Les Andrews book or the gauge that I obtained from Bratton's. Brattons gauge is...
        01-06-2019, 09:16 AM
      • ClaudeC
        working of 1933 clutch plates
        by ClaudeC
        Just starting to adjust the play on my clutch pedal, but I have a more basic question.
        Clutch design requires two friction plates right, that are brought together to engage the drive train.
        Where do both of these friction plates attach/bolt to?
        07-14-2019, 10:50 AM
      • Bill CNC
        Clutch, ... only for a little bit, then nothing
        by Bill CNC
        Hello All,

        I have a new pressure plate and clutch with about 200 miles on it. I noticed it was acting funny and started chattering so I pulled it out and saw a hot spot on the freshly resurfaced flywheel and one matching opposing spot on the pressure plate. I sanded both sides of the disc, and both the pressure plate and flywheel and put her all back together.

        Now, I have...
        10-18-2019, 07:26 PM
      • carolinamudwalker
        Clutch Plate (one more time
        by carolinamudwalker
        First, my story. Installed an F-150 TX from OLD Victoria and life was good. A year later pulled the engine & sent it off for rebuild. Placed a note in the crate explaining what TX I had. Engine came back and would not go in. They sent the engine back with a model A clutch plate. Old Victoria gave me the part # to order a clutch plate from Ft Wayne Clutch. Engine was installed and Life...
        02-17-2020, 07:44 AM
      • Greynomad
        V8 pressure plate
        by Greynomad
        I have a V8 pressure plate in my "30 CCPU and the clutch operates just off the floor. There is LOTS of free play in the pedal before I can feel the pressure come on from the springs in the PP. Is that normal? I don't like it so what can I do? I suspect this is caused by the V8 PP bing lower than the A PP. Is that so?
        t has occurred to me that a spacer in front of the thrust race would help...
        10-20-2019, 12:12 AM
      • Tom Wesenberg
        Adjusting Pressure Plate Fingers / Clutch & Flywheel Info
        by Tom Wesenberg
        Original Thread

        Anytime you install a new pressure plate or are chasing the cause of clutch chatter, you need to check to be sure all 6 pressure plate fingers are at the correct height and even with each other. I made this simple tool to make the job quick and easy. I just use a bolt and two nuts through a piece of aluminum channel,...
        01-23-2018, 10:20 AM
      • Huff
        stiff clutch pedal
        by Huff
        I put A new 11" clutch and pressure plate in my 52 ford f1 and the clutch pedal pushes hard. The truck had a 11" clutch in it before and the pedal did not push hard but had bad clutch chatter.Throw out bearing is good and slides on the shaft free clutch pedal has new brass bushing every thing is lubricated all linkage is good. I would change to a 10" clutch but fly wheel is only drilled...
        07-04-2019, 02:11 PM