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  • Drip

    After shutting off motor would a tablespoon of oil dripping from flywheel housing over 24 hour period be of concern? Doesn't drip when running.

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    sounds about right, actually. In fact, less than many others.....


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      Mine does the same thing, even after I filed a groove in my rear main drain tube. I think it's quite common. You can buy a "janitor" which bolts onto view plate on housing to catch drips. It is a tray with an inch or so lip that hold drippage. Then ya gotta keep cleaning it out, but it won't drip on your friend's driveway, which always makes you popular.
      One dealer calls it a janitor; another calls it a diaper. Bonnie is 87 yrs old, but maybe not ready for a diaper... depends...


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        I wouldn't want my new motor to drip a tea may get worse as you use it....I assume your on level ground and the oil is not over full..

        to answer your question I don't feel it should JMO
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          Beauford tea spoon size of oil drip, or a tes spoon amount of oil which would spread out? 4 or 5 drips not to bad, tea spoon amount questionable.


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            Originally posted by Big hammer View Post
            Beauford tea spoon size of oil drip, or a tes spoon amount of oil which would spread out? 4 or 5 drips not to bad, tea spoon amount questionable.
            There just drips that amount to streaming.


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