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    When using a tow bar any thoughts on steering locked or not

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    I've got thousands of miles using a tow bar, and I've never locked the steering wheel.


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      Going forward, unlocked, backing up is a real pain, maybe locked or it maybe just was me!
      Oh yes Welcome to the VFF :-)
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        Hey fasteddieg welcome to the VFF

        That sure is a nice picture i took of you when you registered at the tent!

        To answer your question like the others said leave the wheel unlocked

        I moved your post from the technical area to the general Model A discussion forum
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          Across from my shop, saw a BIG Motorhome with a Toyota P.U. shimmieng behind him. He assessed the situation, tied the steering wheel TIGHTLY to the wind wing post & took off.
          I ALMOST followed, to see his first TURN!!!----NLOL
          I could have fixed it, with a QUICK worm & sector adjustment! Old Toyotas & Dasuns were NOTORIOUS for shimmys! Just turn the screw down medium firm, back off 1/8 turn & that's IT!!!
          Bill Laffin'
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            To answer the OP's original question, steering wheel needs to be unlocked for the towed vehicle to track properly.

            Now on a closely related subject: Make sure your connection between the tow bar and the towed vehicle are 100% reliable. I had a very unfortunate experience towing mine a while back. While the tow bar was securely fastened to the front bumper, the bumper itself was not so securely fastened to the vehicle. The whole connection between the tow bar and the Model A depended on the two bumper clamp bolts. The bumper clamps came loose and the vehicle was left to fend for itself, while the tow vehicle was left with a good solid connection with the tow bar connected to only a bumper. Not a pretty picture in my rear view mirror.
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              For the Model A I would remove the bumper clamps and use bolts that secure the tow bar to the bumper and bumper support bar.

              My cousin's husband from Michigan bought a Model A in South Dakota back in 1965. He was using a tow bar and drove off the edge of the road and lost control. The Model A rolled into the ditch. It wasn't too badly damaged, but he left it at the body shop in Cosmos, MN. I saw it a couple times setting outside the shop, but wonder what happened to it, because Roger never went back to get it.


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                Personally I think the bumper bar support arms are to flimsy and I would rather see it hooded directly to the front axle. Mike here on the VFF had a real nice tow bar made custom fit to the front axle and held on by quick release pins. He hooked it onto one of his cars at the meet. I didnt take any pictures of it dang, but maybe he can post some good ones for us.
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                Henry Ford said,
                "It's all nuts and bolts"

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                  I have removed the drag link.


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