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Help! Car dead . . .

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    I just measured my 28, and from ball center to ball center, it measures 16 7/8".


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      Well, you all will probably not approve of my fix, but the spark lever would not go fully up . . . It would hit the right side of the cut out on the distributor body. So instead of messing with the links of the rod I used my dremel tool and just made the cut out 3/8 inch longer on the right side. That may sound a little crazy but everything seems to work just fine and my spark lever now goes to the top. Thanks a lot to everyone for their help. Car is running excellent.

      I am now replacing the gas gage . . . my only question is I have two types of floats both the same size but one is very soft and the other one is hard as a rock. Which one would be best to use?


      • DaWizard
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        If both of them are cork, neither as the gasahol will eat the cork. Use the newer black plastic or a brass float.

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      Tom, my spark rod measures the same as yours. In lengthening the slot on the distributor body my only concern was to be sure the top plate didn’t pop-up out of its place within the distributor but mine is far from that happening. I made sure the spark lever was it it’s full up position when I set the timing. Toms, thanks for your feedback.

      One last note . . . the cutout on the new distributor body I purchased is not exactly the same as my old distributor body . . . probably almost a quarter inch different. That makes me think that about half of my adjustment was due to the cutout being incorrect.


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