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Brown Door Check Straps

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  • Brown Door Check Straps

    I found some original brown door check straps for my 1929 Tudor about 12 years ago, either at Hershey or a National Model A meet. If you can't find brown ones, you can try some spray for vinyl. I never could find the correct brown arm rests for the front of my 1950 Studebaker, so I finally bought a can of Bluebird Brown 15483 at the auto parts store. Only black arm rests are reproduced for my Stude, and as far as I know, only black door check straps are reproduced for the Model A. This was a perfect match to my rear arm rests, which are NOS. Arm Rests Bluebird Brown 15483.JPG .
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    130-A Deluxe Delivery Check Straps
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    Any one else restoring a 130-A Deluxe Delivery? Contemplating ordering door check straps, the 130-A's use 3 different lengths. Since these are sold in pairs I will have a complete set left over. Is anyone interested in the left overs at equal cost? I still need to verify the length as what I am seeing for higher quality overall may be a bit shorter. Also I am ordering black as I can not mentally put...
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    Source for door check straps?
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    Should I be looking for original door check straps for my early 28 closed cab AA truck or have they gone the way of most ~90 year old rubber parts? RG&JS says heavy molded rubber strap with fabric core, 7-1/2" long.
    04-25-2020, 07:24 PM
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    Door opening
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    Is there an easy way to allow the passengers door on my pickup to open wider?
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    I've found that the Canadian type A interior door handle is slightly different than the US type A handle. The upper 'pointed' section is slightly smaller, less round, and appears tipped different on the Canadian handle. this can also be seen in the standards Canadian interior and trim section photograph. US on left.

    01-15-2019, 02:41 PM
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    I'm thinking of getting some repro door pulls for my 155-C. The originals have lost much of their plating and are pitted. Are the repros of good quality and fit?...
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    31 Ford Door no second click when closing
    by Hawaii Pro 31
    I’ve changed the striker, door latch too but it will not click two times as it closes. I, clearanced the outside of the door frame so there is space around the door and adjusted the striker a few times too. You push the door in, click but it will not click again to close the door. Is the door still contacting the body or is the striker the culprit,,,Thank you...
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    Bent hinges - DUMB MISTAKE
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    I am really embarrassed to write this but I desperate need of advice. I accidentally drove my 28 Fordor Leatherback into the garage with the driver side rear door open. The door caught on the edge of the garage opening molding and bent the door back over the rear fender. I was able to straighten the edge of the door where it contacted the fender but the door will not close anymore. The upper and...
    03-14-2018, 07:27 AM
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    Door aligment
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    Painting the doors on a four door 170B Delux
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    I'm in the process of painting my A Black and Maroon. When the doors are painted on the outside does the color scheme wrap around to the door jamb? Or is the jamb painted one color
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    Passenger Door mechanics
    by albjerryg
    I have the 1955 Victoria just got it and trying to fix the little things wrong with it. The passenger door does not close properly. It hits like a thud. The wheel on the door is loose and the door button stays pushed in. Does any one have a good diagram or picture that shows how the door mechanic work are a site that might have it. I have ordered a new/used door latch assembly. Thanks for any help....
    06-16-2019, 10:42 AM