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Tube shocks brand?

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  • Tube shocks brand?

    We're working on a friend's tudor sedan fitted with tube shocks (car has many older mod's !) Does any one know what brand of eyelet or loop end shock would fit as replacements? We've read that some find them too stiff for the A but the owner can't buy original repro's at $1100+. We contacted some vendors from the MAFCA list and all they sell are full kits (with no separate shock brand info.available). The shock suppliers are not much help for the stock Model A spring set up.

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    First thing, are you sure the shock you have are shot?

    Next, I would take the shock to a Napa store and have them find a "OIL" shock to replace the one you have. Gas shocks are way more stiffer than oil shocks. You could also get a pair of MGB shocks for the rear, I wasn't able to use those shocks for front and back on my Tudor, but in the rear they work very well.
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      There should be part numbers on the shocks that can be taken to the parts store and interchanged to any brand you desire. Rod
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        Check out Monroe 37098
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          We did some internet searching of shock mfg. spec's and have corresponded with some shock rep's et. al. to no avail. We did get a response from Bratton's today that their 'new' kits with red shocks are Gabriel 81039 (gas charged) but not about the black ones in their catalogue evidently requiring removing rear backing plates,etc. The others such as Gabriel 82007 and Monroe 37098 which fit a Willys Jeepster at around 2600 # weight appeared to be too stiff and are listed as nitrogen charged.
          After remembering working on VW's in the '60's, I checked around for a possible pure oil filled shock and an EMPI 9650 shock fit the parameters of the ones we removed, 9 3/4" closed 14 1/2" + extended. At $30 a piece , we were able to test some from a local classic VW parts vendor.The compression force is easily less than the supposedly oil filled ones removed (which are nameless) which were harder to compress but not like gas charged. The down side is that these come with a 12mm steel eyelet bushing. In order to fit the 5/8" studs on the car, we drill- pressed out the bushing which is vulcanized at the shock eyelet. The shocks fit very well and will be lubed as needed. These are for the fronts only as the rears appear to be compatible with the rear spring and weight distribution.
          Some bad news was that we painted a portion of 1 shock with 2 different gloss black rattle cans, one from Orchard Supply and the other Rustoleum engine enamel. They curdled the shock white paint again as we've found in other situations due to acetone and other solvents to aid with VOC req'd drying.Note that the shock paint was immune to lacquer thinner used to remove the tests. The last test was some Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy black on hand . It dryed very quickly with nice gloss , no real bad aroma and can be re-coated within 1/2 hr.
          Once road tested, we'll report back. These seem a good compromise to help allow the front spring to do its job.
          Again thanks to all on this site for helpful info.
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            Good information at least on the paint. I had used the appliance paint years ago for something but not automotive.


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              Test drive update: pleasant improvement in front end ride,handling and proper spring action with the EMPI shocks. If desired though not needed based on our test, another install option would be to knock out the link pin bushing and replace with 5/8" hole size bushings ($4 per pair) instead of drilling the steel bushings..


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                If you decide to go with a gas charged shock consider the Monroe Reflex shock with the ASD valve. I worked closely with the engineers when designing the valve and the specialized machine to assemble the ASD valve. We received a SEMA award for it and Edelbrock came out with their own copy with just enough of a change not to conflict with the Pattent. At any rate if lessens the effect of the gas charge. I have not heard any report on how these perform on Model A's, but would expect it to be favorable compared to a common gas charged shock. Rod
                "Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good." Thomas Sowell


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                  The front spring rate on the Model A is 315 and the gas charged shock seems to be too stiff for that rate. We've tried KYB Excel G (gas ), comparable to Monroe, the vendor's kit 's ProAdvantage NS (can't find manufacturer name) , etc. and all are still too hard a ride. The VW shocks listed are the only one's found that are non gas enhanced and seem to be compatible with the 10 leaf front spring and the 13" center to center eyelets at road loading height.


                  • Rowdy
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                    Erwin and Gabriel are the other 2 major manufacturers. Gabriels can easily be identified by their crimped on (not welded) dirt shields. Monroe shocks with dirt shields are always resistance welded on with a fine criss cross pattern. Have never really looked at a known Erwin shock. When I worked for Monroe we made many other aftermarket brands including Rancho, Skyjacker, NAPA etc. Along with OE shocks for Ford, GM, Nissan, IH, Mack, Kenworth and Freightliner. Rod

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                  Thanks for the info. We cross referenced Gabriel, but the reps' thought they were also nitrogen gas enhanced as stated in the specs.


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                    Got another vendor reference: QA products Precision TS513. These are listed as (non gas) oil filled and have an adjustment ride knob and are pricey at approx $150 !


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                      150 X 4 still cheaper than re=pops at 500$ X 4. JMO
                      Paul in CT
                      Take a shock to NAPA and look for mgr or an old guy. again JMO
                      Paul in CT


                      • Dennis
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                        $500 ea.?? Who's selling them for that much?

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                      We installed another EMPI set of shocks on a '31 Tn sedan front, kit tube shocks provided on rear. (from Bratton's ,the black older kit.). Loaded the car up with 4 people. Great ride and very stable.


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