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What yr are these wheels?

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  • What yr are these wheels?

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    Some dimensions would be helpful, dia. & width etc.


    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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    Early 28?


    • JDupuis
      JDupuis commented
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      They look early, from what I see of the hub.

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    Here is a picture of my late 1928-1929 wheel.
    The flange on the hub where the short spokes are welded measures 1 3/8" on the inside.
    I think the early 1928 flange is about 1/4" less.

    1929 Wheel.JPG


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      Early 28 wheels have a narrower hub.

      Eastern Connecticut


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        I think this post was just a quiz without clues.


        • pAAt
          pAAt commented
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          Genius tolerates no clues ! Me on the other hand, need the answers in the back of the book Good morning from the frosty north, Pat

        • Bobm90
          Bobm90 commented
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          Morn'in Pat, not frosty here yet but headed that way, about 48 and more stinkin rain , too wet here to even grow mushrooms, gonna try to head out into the garage today and start putting the right side spring perch back in, it was a dog to get out and wrecked 2 knees and lower back, spent the last 5 days recovering from that now it's mostly better and time to get back to work, have a great day.

        • Tom Wesenberg
          Tom Wesenberg commented
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          Pat, you live in the sunny south, 100 miles south of me. LOL
          I went outside at 2 in the morning the other night, and we had a few snowflakes.

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