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How to hood cowl lacing

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  • How to hood cowl lacing

    O.k., down to the point where I need to add the hood cowl lacing to the new tank. (Ken and I installed it today! Yay!) I got the kit from Brattons ( and am now needing help.

    The pictures on Bratton's site and the instructions that came with the kit don't match what was actually IN the kit. Photo 1 is of the instructions, which match the PDF from Bratton's website. The kit included the flat lacing, a coil of wire, a length of channel lacing, a hand-full of rivets and the small j-bolt. Compared to the picture on the Bratton's website, the kit I received is somewhat different.

    The instructions talk about a "flat lacing with internal wire". The kit has a flat lacing (photo 2) and a coil of wire separate. Then the instructions say to "insert the ... wire thru the flat lacing". Confused as to what is actually needed here. Do I actually try to put the wire inside the flat lacing? Or does it lay over the top, pulled tight by the little J-bolt?

    To add to the confusion, the tank that came off used the same channel lacing (photo 3) on the side cowl panels and ALSO across the top of the tank. (Photo 4). On another thread here ( I saw one picture where the owner had run channel lacing from the frame, up the side panels, across the tank and then back down to the frame on the other side. There was then in addition some sort of lacing at the front edge (where I think the lacing is supposed to go) as well.

    I obviously need some guidance here.

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    Push the wire through the center of the welting. The welting is 2 pieces, with about a half inch of wire showing on each side of the J center hook, and at each end where the wire gets tied off. I can post pictures as soon as I find them.


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    Here are 3 pictures of the original hood or cowl lacing on my 9-27-28 Phaeton.
    I just noticed the first picture is someone else's car.
    Also note the date stamp on the gas tank.
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    Followed Tom's instructions and installed the cowl lacing this evening. Simple! Thanks, Tom.


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      I've learned something new from this post. Thanks guys. . Jeff
      Twiss Collector Car Parts


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