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    MODEL A MUSEUM located on the Gilmore campus is now paid for, The building was paid for before construction began but we still need to grow the endowment fund, receive money for operations and yearly members.

    Looking forward to seeing so many of you on Model A day At Gilmore on September 16th
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    Great to hear. While I was not able to help pay for the building, I was able to send parts for the Gleaner combine display. How is progress on that display going? What other items are you in need of? Rod
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      KOOL!!! Now we just have to help with the maintaining account.


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        Originally posted by Ray in La Mesa View Post
        KOOL!!! Now we just have to help with the maintaining account.
        YES and this is just as important and why you all need to come to MODEL A Day in Gilmore on Sept. 16 this year!


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          That's great! It's a beautiful facility.


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            It is paid for now but there are plans to expand as they are out of space. Make a donation, buy a brick, but do something to help. Without a large amount in the endowment fund the place will cease to exist. To give you an idea the AACA museum has a 1.5 million annual operating budget we are much lower but still.


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            Gilmore Car Museum
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            My wife and I went to the Gilmore Car Museum yesterday. What a great place!! I was there for Model A day in 2015, that was the only other time I was there. We saw a lot of super interesting stuff. That Model A museum is awesome. The Packard exhibit is too. Everything there seemed top notch. If you haven’t been there you should try to go. We took about 90 pictures. I’ll share a few....
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            Home To Serial #1 Model A!!- Model A Museum At The Gilmore
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            YouTube star Matt Murray of Iron Trap Garage tours the Model A Ford Foundation Museum at the Gilmore.

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            Some Cutaway Pictures from the Model A Museum
            by Tom Wesenberg
            Here's a few cutaway displays in the Model A museum at Gilmore.
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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            Going to Gilmore
            by Soapy
            I'm going to the Gilmore Museum on Sunday with one of my daughters. It's a British car day and I will be in the Model A building as well. I'll post some photos after we get back home. I really want to see that tool display.
            07-06-2019, 08:27 PM
          • Mark Maron
            Gilmore Model a Day A Success!!!
            by Mark Maron
            Thank you to each and every one of you that came out to Gilmore for Model A Day and to support the MAFFI Model A Museum. Our museum is there for generation after generation and to show the history of the Model A for the future, with out support and donations it would not be possible. Thank you all again for a great day!!!
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            09-18-2017, 04:58 PM
          • Mark Maron
            Model A Day at GILMORE
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            Hey everyone its that time again to reserve your space, I am again running the swap and please note the flyer and registration form for the swap, Help support out GREAT Museum and attend a great day and an ALL MODEL A DAY!!!!...
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            Model A Ford Museum Gilmore's
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            A Buddy sent me this article this morning. An article on the upcoming Model A Day at Gilmore Car Museum. September 15-16 2018...
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            Gilmore is a Great Way to Spend the Day
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            For those who haven't been to the Gilmore car museum, you should put it on the list of things to do. It's located just a mile or two west of the small town of Hickory Corners, Michigan, or about a dozen miles northeast of Kalamazoo. It's out in the country, so there is no crowding, and no traffic noise. There are no large crowds, just a relaxed easy going visit with over 400 vehicles on display. Bring...
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            Gilmore Model A Day Hotels
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            The HOST Hotel for Model A Day is Sold out., We have been able to secure the following accommodations....
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          • KansasRick
            America’s Sweetheart Model A @ Gilmore Museum Builder Memorial
            by KansasRick
            There is a one of a kind Model A built by Dean Weller of DeSoto, Ks. Dean died at the age of 95 last week. Please view this video of his craftsmanship and this unique automobile.


            Dean built this car to inspire young people to get into the car hobby. Those of us fortunate enough to know him have been blessed by this talented, kind man. We’re...
            07-07-2021, 10:41 PM