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A change to crap gas

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  • A change to crap gas

    Just what we need is a higher level of alcohol in our gas 15%. Now the problems should get worse.

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      I may be a little fuzzy here but isn't there an additive we can add to the gas tank on a car to neutralize the ethanol problem. I know it's an added expense when fueling your vehicles but it's better than the alternatives.......


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        This sure is bad news, and with all the good information that has been published about the bad effects of ethanol, I'm surprised it passed.
        Maybe the government is trying to force us all into electric cars.


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          Fortunately I live in farm country where non ethanol fuel is available. I also use a app called "Purgas" to locate non ethanol blends.


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            The news media just reported on the passing of E-15 and is already talking about this leading to E-20 and E-30 in the very near future.


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              Our garden and other gas equip. have greatly been affected by the ethanol blend only available in our area. We use the common stabilizers available at Home Depot, Cresco, etc. which have appeared to stop the small carb seal deterioration, also better performance in classic cars we work on. So far the viton tipped needles in our Marvel carbs have seated better as well. (We were replacing the mini carbs every 6 months or so.)


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                This is crazy. So by some miracle we are to keep our gasolene burning vehicles from damage by E15 or higher ethanol gas? There has to be a work around either practically or legally to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, I have read a lot of conflicting information regarding the potential damage risks. Consumer Reports has an article about a test of 8 engines where 2 of them sustained damage from higher levels of ethanol gas. Does that impact any of us? Who can tell for sure........


                • leo
                  leo commented
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                  What I find amazing is that in some situations even the slightest hint of a potential problem sends the politicians into a hair burning frenzy to try and stop it while other problem situations don't even get acknowledged. Could this mean that antique and older vehicle owners don't merit any attention at all? There is probably not enough political hay to be made from this topic, not controversial or news worthy enough. Like who is going to donate any money to this cause???
                  Last edited by leo; 10-10-2018, 02:00 PM.

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                Your last sentence identifies the REAL problem!


                • H. L. Chauvin
                  H. L. Chauvin commented
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                  Agree 100% ........ when not enough people complain, votes will always follow the Dollar.

                  Don't sweat, after corn is scarce, meat prices rise, we can all offer each other our best fish and shrimp recipes.

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                Everything old is new again!


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                  What they do not tell you, your gas milage is going to go down a lot also. So in the end we have gained nothing. But the framers get to grow more corn with there tractors with out catalytic converters.


                  • BNCHIEF
                    BNCHIEF commented
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                    The amount of water used to grow corn is crazy they are pumping the ogallalah aquifer dry to grow corn which means farmers are stealing water from the other citizens in the state, of course the farm bureau always tells everyone at the state fair how great ethanol is I always stop by to publicly call them liars I also bring along a damaged fuel pump as well they do not like that one bit,like I care we should have a choice about this because we know the epa is a pack of liars. Ok I'm done.

                  • pAAt
                    pAAt commented
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                    Forgot about the water consumption ! Great post Chief, oops and you too George

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                  There is a good reason ethanol isn't allowed in airplanes, besides all the boats, small engines and older cars that have been damaged by it. Even in the flex fuel vehicles, people have reported needing new engines at only 60,000 miles. What is it the fools in government don't understand about all this?


                  • aford193031
                    aford193031 commented
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                    We once said it was the big three but now it is all the manufacturers. you blow up your motor you have to buy another. The late model hot rods say they can make faster ETs. I have heard that from several different sources. I have not tried it and not going to.

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                  It is a bone thrown to the farm states. The tariffs are hurting them. It is going to be a battle between the farmers and the oil companies. We don't don't even enter into the equation.


                  • Mitch
                    Mitch commented
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                    Yep they don't give a about us or any pre E-10 car..

                  • leo
                    leo commented
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                    I say they need to make E-10 or less readily available to anyone who feels the E-15 or higher will do damage. Or maybe they would rather field a large class action suit from everyone who has been able to prove damage from E-15 or higher.

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                  My more recent experience has found that who you purchase fuel from may be the answer. I have found that buying gas through the local Gulf station has improved the idle on my 65 Mustang 6 cyl and the gas seems very stable over the winter. It smells the same. I have also found the lawn mower is happy with it after the winter.

                  What I know from someone who used to sell fuel is that not all fuel is the same. Well it sort of is, there is a pipe line and they all draw the raw fuel from there. Then the truck goes to the additive tanks and mixes stuff for the Brand they are delivering to. So the local cheap gas is Wawa and I know they have a minimal additive package. The Gulf gas I know has a lot more. There are web sites that discuss which stations have the better additive packages. I am using Gulf only because it is convenient to me and it is a locally owned business that keeps the price competitive. I am willing to spend a bit more to keep it local.

                  So I would suggest that before you complain, try different brand fuels and see if one performs better even with more of the bad stuff added.


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                    The Colonial pipeline runs from Houston to Linden, NJ. It is trucked all over the rest of New England.
                    I have no idea how the mid section or west coast get their gas
                    What Kevin wrote about the majors is true.
                    There is a tank farm 2 miles from my house, and all manner of branded tankers pull in there all day and all night. The only difference in final product is the various additives.
                    As has been stated before butyl is added to the cheapie gas which promptly evaps and leaves you with crap gas, and also the cheapies do hot have as much detergency, so your valves clog up big time, especially with that crappy ethanol.
                    A buddy is a chemical engineer and works for Big Oil and confirms all this. For example, he says to avoid 7-11, etc, always go for the majors


                    • BNCHIEF
                      BNCHIEF commented
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                      Absolutely true

                    • tbirdtbird
                      tbirdtbird commented
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                      You should know, you have a refinery 30 minutes from you!

                    • BNCHIEF
                      BNCHIEF commented
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                      Yeah i worked in the industry for over 27 years and i have hauled gasoline the refining process is quite fascinating maybe sometime I could arrange a tour that would include the refinery as I think most would be astonished at what goes into refining fuel close to a billion dollars was put into the Mcpherson refinery altho my primary job was crude gathering in western kansas.

                    • tbirdtbird
                      tbirdtbird commented
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                      That would be fascinating, had no idea they would ever let anyone in, they have dobermans at every fence post LOL

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                    Finding non crap gas in my area is harder then finding hydrogen. Yes, you might see a hydrogen car out here now and then and even less likely a Model A. But I'm working on that by driving mine as often as I can.


                    • DaWizard
                      DaWizard commented
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                    According to some Internet Reports, in some areas, Alcohol, (like that found in Moonshine made from Corn) ..... and Ethanol, like that added to gasoline, (made from Corn), is just about the same thing!

                    Heck, why complain?

                    At the rate we are proceeding, in a few years we may be able to take a swig out of our Model A gas tanks ....... plus, we have the added convenience of using our handy Model A glass sediment bowls to swallow a shot now and then.
                    Last edited by H. L. Chauvin; 10-13-2018, 01:13 AM.


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                      Henry, you are correct, they are one and the same. If you see simply the word 'alcohol', it always means ethanol. This is the convention the chemists came up with


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                        Vote for One Hundred Percent Ethanol:

                        A. Best part is ethanol/alcohol attracts moisture and adds water to our Model A tanks.

                        B. Water is next captured in our most sacred Model A sediment bowls which cannot pass through the top-of-bowl fine mesh, screen filter.

                        C. As we drive, one can carefully watch the accumulation of water in the bottom of the sediment bowl, and when it hits the half way mark, (50%), a Model A driver can have a specially formulated 100 Proof drink.

                        D. For those who prefer 80 Proof, wait until one sees 60% water ....... or any other Proof desired.

                        E. One can even pour his sediment bowl contents over some sugared orange peeling and hand his girlfriend a Grand Marnier.


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