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  • If only.....

    I could be at home working on my A instead of working 12 hours a day to pay for my A. Speaking of $$$ who makes correct or near correct '28 fenders?

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    Do you have the Restoration Guidelines? They have pictures to show the two styles of 1928 front fenders. Which fenders do you need?


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      Are they not all made by one company and sold by many?


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        I think it is gas light that makes and distributes them
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          Thanks Mitch....I wasn't clear. Looking for fenders that are the closest to what Henry made...


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          • Steve Plucker
            What are 28-29 Model A Front Fenders worth today?
            by Steve Plucker
            What are 28-29 Model A Front Fenders worth today? Yes I know...It all depends on condition of the fender itself.

            I have about 10 sets of Front Fenders in various shapes and condition.

            That goes for 28-29 Rear Fenders (No Beaver Tails).


            03-06-2021, 06:49 PM
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            28\29 Ford Pickup Front Fenders
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            I have a 29 Pickup with two front fenders that are pretty rough. I was wondering if two 30/31 front fenders would fit the 29 without much trouble. The 30/31 fenders are a lot better and the drivers side has a well. Larry
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            '30-'31 Reproduction Fenders - What experience do you have?
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            Just was looking at the write up on repairing reproduction fenders in the Body Shop Forum, very informative.


            Seems the issue being addressed in the write up is a poor fit of the skirt nose to the fender. Is the problem the fender or skirt nose? I...
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            Buffing front fenders
            by JohnB15632
            About Last Monday, I painted the front fenders, aprons, and the firewall. I put down 3 layers of Top Coat Paint. I then put down 2 layers of Clear Coat. I have not touched them all week.

            My question is, now that buffing is my next step, where is the best location to do the buffing of the front fenders? Do I buff them on the tables or can I mount them on the frame?

            Sorry the...
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 3 photos.
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          • Paul D
            Fiberglass Fenders
            by Paul D
            I'm looking at a Model A Coupe, but it has fiberglass fenders. New to the hobby and the forum and would like to know if this should be a deal breaker?
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          • pooch
            28 Model A with 30 fenders and stanchions.
            by pooch
            If you have ever wondered what an early A would look like with 30 fenders, here it is.

            SS 30 stanchions are fitted too.

            The next info will probably only be of use to OZ guys....

            Has a HR front end with CRS 2 inch dropped spindles.

            With this setup, I got it as low as I wanted it at the front WITHOUT having to fit lunchboxes....
            You do not have permission to view this gallery.
            This gallery has 3 photos.
            06-04-2018, 11:48 PM
          • Beauford
            After 5 months I got my front fenders.....
            by Beauford
            SO glad I waited this long and did a test fit....ugggghhh and the '28-'29s are suppose to be better??? Now I know why these projects trade hands. Because they are a PITA!!
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          • Mickey
            What DID I buy?
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            I posted a while back a question about fenders and have a follow-up question.
            ( )

            What did I buy??

            The fenders are lined up nose to nose.

            Now let me say I hold no one accountable but myself. It's entirely up to me to make sure I get what I'm looking for. I didn't take measurements or pictures but had...
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          • Great Lakes Greg
            AA and regular A fenders
            by Great Lakes Greg
            Are AA front fenders larger than the car and light truck fenders, or is it an illusion?
            03-16-2020, 06:17 PM
          • SeaSlugs
            Tell tale signs of repop 28/29 front fenders?
            by SeaSlugs
            Gonna buckle down and straighten out one of the 2 half decent pass side front fenders I have, Both have good beads with minor 1/4" crack in the usual outer spot (but not bent and farmer globed fixed or anything) but one down by the running board area was a layer of bondo hiding some nasty lumpy metal underneath but has a decent rest of it. The other fender i have is darn near mint in that area...
            01-08-2020, 10:48 PM