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  • Brassworks radiator!

    Received my new Brassworks radiator from Bert's today. It's a beauty! It is one part of my effort to stop my coupe engine from overheating and seizing up. When it cools off a little outside in a couple days (106 tomorrow in Portland, dropping to the 80s next week), I'll try a loose fit of the original shell. Preliminary measurements indicate there should be no problems (not that I expected any). Will report back later.

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    Good move Ray thanks for the update
    3 ~ Tudor's
    Henry Ford said
    "It's all nuts and bolts"

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      Ray I put a new brassworks in my30 tudor everything went together like the original no issues.


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        My fit was perfect, however the '30 style repo caps with flat tabs wouldn't fit. Found one more like an original I have with the roundish bent tabs, along with vaseline on the gasket which made it fit.


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          I flushed the radiator out as Brassworks instructs, and did a preliminary fit this morning, and everything looks good. It has to come back out because my engine is still out.


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            I fitted a top of the line brassworks radiator to my '29 Phaeton after the old one was found to be not quite able to disperse enough heat. It was no better. Lots of $ down the drain.


            • Bill in Al.
              Bill in Al. commented
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              Something else is a problem.

            • Greynomad
              Greynomad commented
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              Cooling system clean, water pump new, timing right (auto advance electronic distributor), carburetor fine (rebuilt Stromberg downdraught but not like you guys have - better). What else is there??

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            Be sure to cover the engine side with a piece of cardboard when you install it. With the engine in it is very easy to dent the fins on the fan nut. Don't ask how I know that.


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              sorry , forgot to mention while at it, check the hood/ shell alignment if possible. The additional or lessor number of pads under the radiator tabs may be needed but not totally eliminated. Also, try to get equal spacing from shell bottom edge to the fenders. I also called Brasswork to inquire about the paint they use. It's a diluted oil base flat they buy in quantities. I use the least aggressive rattle cans available by trying finding some without a lot of acetone or pigments in the ingredients.


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