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  • The VFF to the Rescue

    The guys doing the timing gear today at the repair tent could not find the dot on the crank gear. Being in the heat of battle they were unsure if the dot was to the right or the left of the keyway. Having my ipad in hand and remembering Tom W had recently added the timing gear pic to the engine topics thread in the tech section, they had that baby back together and running perfect after going off our pic.
    That instant info impressed a few and they vowed to sign up!!!!

    Keep posting that valuable info to the appropriate tech thread...It works
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      The tech section alone makes the VFF stand head and shoulders above any other......


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          Originally posted by tbirdtbird View Post
          The tech section alone makes the VFF stand head and shoulders above any other......
          Any plans on it becoming mobile? Travelling the country side and looking for A's in distress? Sorta like the "VFFAAA". ;)
          "Bullshit and Brilliance Comes with Age and Experience"


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            I can ask a question & Cindy, with her phone gizmo, will answer me before I can straighten out the QUESTION WRINKLES on my forehead!!!!
            She can even TELL it to do something & it DOES IT! From San Francisco, she can monitor/set the temperature in her home, here in FRESNO! She can also open/close the garage door, lock/unlock the front door & monitor the SOLAR system output.
            She probably knows when I FART!!!
            Dad Paranoid


            • Dennis
              Dennis commented
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              Can she turn the lawn sprinklers on or off? I can. It's entertaining watching people run past the house when they hear the sprinklers start up. LOL

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            While my wife is in Texas, she knows when I have screwed things up and set off the alarm in her car here in Alaska.
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              Get the "Ring" doorbell. It senses motion and also your phone chimes like a doorbell when someone rings it. Then you can see them on your phone and talk to them.


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                This is gettin' WEIRD! Think I'll UN-PLUG everything in my CAVE!---Except for the MAMMOTH ALARM!
                Bill Hermit


                • Beauford
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                  I'm going to ask Siri and Alexa about white walls and what oil to use.

                • Mitch
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                  There are quite a lot of WW's at the meet..

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                  Thank you Mitch for the help this week !
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                    Spark Timing, Set It and Forget It,

                    There are at least a couple ways to set the timing. You first must set the point gap, and I always set mine to .020" with the points setting on the highest part of the cam lobe. This remains the same whether you use the "A" cam or "B" cam. After the points gap is set, you can then push the spark lever all the way up,...
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                    I received a PM regarding the use of those Timing indicators that bolt onto the front cover. Are they needed? NO...

                    Find TDC with the timing pin...
                    Put a dot on the crank pulley and a dot on the front cover so that it is even with the dot on the crank pulley. The location of the dots on the pulley does not matter, just as long as they are directly across from each other.
                    09-07-2017, 09:18 PM
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                    I need to pick the brains of those here..

                    Let's say I had a B block with B timing cover with an A cam.

                    Would setting the timing with the pin in the B hole into an A cam timing gear make the timing ahead so far that after setting the timing advancing the spark handle make the engine too far advanced as to make the engine stutter and fall on it's face?
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                    Ok, since I posted something on this in 2 separate threads yesterday, I figured I'd start a new thread for the updates.

                    So, let me preface this by saying, yesterday I was on my way out when I heard a "kathunk" and coasted to the side of the street, whereupon I popped the dizzy cap to find the rotor not moving. *sigh* Now, this is on the engine I just 2 weeks ago finished refreshing
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                    08-23-2018, 12:33 PM
                  • Bill in NJ
                    Distributer back lash
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                    Could somebody explain why there is back lash in the distributer ? I would think the pieces would fit so that there is no back lash. Yes I know I am wrong but would like to explain it to me please.
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                    Not long ago Wild Bill Williamson gave us a brainteaser regarding turns of the crank with a multi-cylinder motor. Engine timing is a brainteaser to many.

                    Let's start a thread and have opinions given about various timing issues.
                    For example,
                    1. Does it really matter anyway? Just what is it? Is it more than a pin shoved in a hole?
                    2. is there such a thing as too advanced...
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                    Model A transmission ratios
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                    Just thinking about something here and didn't put the math to it because I know there are others much better at it than I am. So ultimately my question is what percent is 2nd gear slower than 3rd?

                    Here's what I was thinking, if you take a Model A transmission and turn it around, remove 1st and reverse sliding gear, and the reverse idler, and if it were possible to make a housing for...
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