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  • Where do you put it?

    I will be picking up my A next week and most likely it will be going into our garage. That probably won't be the long term location... Working out what to do in the back yard.
    Which gets to my question. What do you guys do? My concern is storing the car - with gas in it. House is a bilevel with a gas hot water heater in there, as well as the furnace.
    I desperately want to see the engine running. But I don't want a hazard. I might just work on the other things and not try to get it running till spring...
    Dan Reynolds

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    Roll it in and out, use a temporary gas tank removable, fall is a great time for working on my A :-)


    • KB9JLO
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      I like that. That was my first thought, just wanted to make sure that was kosher...
      BH I'm in Decatur IL up the road from you. I want to work on the interior and doors this winter, get started on the wiring.

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    I would not trust a shutoff valve with car in there with furnace.

    Here is what I do...

    Assuming the fuel line is stock shaped.

    1. Loosen line and remove at carb.

    2. Slightly loosen line at sediment bowl.

    3. Rotate line toward you and up until open end of line is above level of gas in tank. Now gas can not drip if valve leaks.

    4. Finally snug up the fitting on sediment bowl to prevent drips.
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      FWIW: Model A Garage Caution: (All 85+ year old Model A Fords in service have been know at one time or other to leak gasoline from a constant gravity type flowing gas tank ...... not at all like our non-leaking modern cars where fuel pumps shut down when engine stops.)

      1. The first main caution to be aware of is that not all gas fumes are alike; hence, Natural Gas fumes rise upwards into the atmosphere and Liquid Gasoline fumes and fumes from other liquid petroleum products descend and cling to the garage floors.

      2. . With any leaking gasoline from any up high or any down low leaking gas tank or container, and/or any up high or down low leaking carburetor, the evaporating fumes from these up high or down low wet surfaces will descend and seek their lowest level.

      3. If any garage or any storage area is enclosed with no constantly moving air, the pilot light and/or flames from a gas water heater, stove, or furnace may ignite these gasoline fumes and can even ignite leaking natural gas fumes. There is a reason why today's enforced building codes prohibit gas water heaters from being provided in enclosed car garages; hence, to avoid tragedy, best option is to never store gasoline where one has any type of open flames.

      4. Further past precautions with electrical devices can be observed if one ever visits and older hospital operating room where all wall outlets and electrical switches were located up high on the wall to prevent a minor sparks from plugging in any electrical device from easily igniting the flammable ether gas which was used years ago ...... all finished floors had grounded metal mesh below to prevent ether ignition from static electricity sparks ..... similar static electricity cautions are noted at gas stations; i.e., to remove gasoline containers from non-grounded vehicles and to ground gasoline containers on the ground below when filling same with gas from any gas container or gas pump.

      5. Storing a Model A in any enclosed or unenclosed separate area ..... and away from any open flames is just a wise and Safe Choice.
      H. L. Chauvin
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        Originally posted by Big hammer View Post
        Roll it in and out, use a temporary gas tank removable, fall is a great time for working on my A :-)

        Right on BH... that’s the way to start off imo

        The worst thing to do is feed junk into the carb or motor..
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        A most intelligent questionable "concern" and a most important Model A "concern" you have; i.e.: " My concern is storing the car - with gas in it ........ with a gas hot water heater in there, as well as the furnace ..... But I don't want a hazard."

        If you decide your open flamed gas water heater and furnace stays in your enclosed garage .... please exercise extreme care with even a small amount of gasoline from a leaking Model A carburetor, any leaking type of removable Model A tank, ...... or even any amount of gasoline stored in any other separate gasoline container in an "enclosed" garage with possible gasoline fumes and open flames.

        My separate garage, (1,300 square feet square with a 12' ceiling), just burned flat last October 2017.

        Neighbors said in seven (7) minutes before fire trucks arrived it was gone ....... leaving a scorched concrete slab below full of ashes and burned wood ......... no water heater ..... no furnace ..... no gasoline ..... nothing plugged into the 3 separate electrical outlets .... no lights left on .... (3) different insurance fire inspectors on 3 separate visits could never find the cause.

        Luckily wind was blowing flames and heat away from my badly scorched office with an attached garage where my 1930 Model A Coupe is stored.

        Flames entered the attached garage just enough to only make solder fall from two (2) extra good Model A radiators ..... firemen extinguished these flames.

        After this recent garage fire experience, and dreadful expensive loss, you may think I am overly cautious for your well being .... but it could be thought of to be similar to a most "concerned" cigarette smoker who usually quits tobacco, and afterwards, gives different, far more cautious advice "after" recently experiencing one of his lung being removed.

        H. L. Chauvin
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          Thanks guys - just in case you're wondering I have no intentions of putting a Model A with gas in the tank and carb... That's why I was wondering what you guys did - some ideas how you handle it. Mitch -- I was thinking exactly along the lines of using a separate "tank" - and then I could drain the carb -- that was my idea. Or take the carb off even. But you guys have given me great ideas.
          And don't worry -- I have no intention of burning down or blowing up my home. I can remember as a kid all the times people blew up their garages by filling their lawnmowers in garages with water heaters (gas vapors - creeping along the floor).
          Dan Reynolds


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            Not now, but previously kept bikes in garage with gas water heater. Same basic gravity feed fuel system. Remove fuel line from carb and check shut off. Found mine would leak about 3oz a day. Yes, a good float valve will stop it, but you never know when a piece of grit will mess things up.

            Install a new shut off and ensure your carb float valve is adjusted correctly.

            i shut the gas off when I get to the driveway. No gas smell in garage.

            Oh, isn’t that heater on a raised platform?


            • KB9JLO
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              We had it replaced last year and they put it on concrete blocks. The furnace is high efficiency and the burner is half way up on the unit - a couple of feet off the floor but I don't want any gas smell in the garage either.
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            • CarlLaFong
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              Woodworking dust explosions are a myth

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            I should have qualified that statement. There are many posts on many different woodworking sites regarding dust collection and explosions. Nobody can come up with one, verified, instance of a dust explosion in a home workshop environment. Fires, yes. You run a nail through a blade and a spark or a red hot piece of steel can ignite the sawdust. Actual explosions, no. The chances of a dust explosion from cutting MDF in an open environment is about the same as being struck by lightning while scuba diving. Also, I'd be concerned about who installed that cyclone and if it was according to code
            Has it ever occurred to you that the sole purpose for your existence might be to serve as a warning to others?


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              Old gas...I guess you should see a doctor.
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