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  • Roadster P/U seat

    Ok I have put my new seat in and there is no way on gods green earth I could drive this. I am 6' and 170lbs and the wheel is close to my stomach. I have read else where the backrest goes behind bottom cushion and under wooden rail lip, I have read it does not...anyone know? These are correct new springs from Snyders.

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    Ya know, I know nothing about a rpu seat, but something tells me the lower cushion is over stuffed or just too tall. BTW, don't take this wrong, but it looks to me from the pictures, you need to adjust your clutch!
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    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


    • Beauford
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      HAHAHA Wiz! The clutch works just fine! I can speed through ALL those gears!

    • DaWizard
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      HAHA !! From here it looks like the adjusting shaft doesn't go through the T adjusting nut.

    • Beauford
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      Good eye but what you see is one of those return pedal springs I thought were standard A stuff being a newbie...It's dangling to remind me to toss it.

    • DaWizard
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      Oh YEA, now THAT makes sense... Good shot.

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    Look at the drawing in the upper right corner at this link, it shows 13 1/4" between steering wheel and seat back.



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      Jesus Bob! I'm at my ideal weight but will have to lose 10 more. Did these people not eat back then? LOL


      • Bob C
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        They did physical labor and didn't eat fast and processed food.

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      Thanks you Bob! I have 10.5. I must have over stuffed! I know these models are tight but dang!!!


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        Don't know if nutri-system gives a senior discount or maybe a lot of us could get a group rate.


        • Beauford
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          I'm still too young! Working hard so you can get that SS check! LOL

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        Springs can be tied back in 3 or 4 places around the circumfrence of each spring. Wire or heavy cord. Then suck up the cover and redo the hog rings.


        • Beauford
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          I like your idea!! Thanks!!!

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        Flip the cushion over with a piece of plywood under, cut to fit the top of the cushion, oversize . Rig up a way to squeze it evenly. Tie vertically and also tie horizontal so the vertical ties don't slide together. The horizontal ties go to the next spring nearby..Flip over the furnature in the house for an example.
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          I got a slue of zip ties doing nothing in the garage!!! Great idea!


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            Welcome to the 29 pickup club, yes they are very tight, i could never own one.. i think snyders sells custom springs for added room FWIW and it will still be tight. Mark gave you a great suggestion, so keep us posted on the outcome...
            good luck on this one
            3 ~ Tudor's
            Henry Ford said
            "It's all nuts and bolts"

            Mitch's Auto Service ctr


            • Beauford
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              with Marks suggestion and removing some batting it should be enough room to fart.

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            Either the seat back or the gut's gotta' GO, Bueford!
            Bill Smartass


            • Beauford
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              Bill, I'm a lean fella. Maybe a little there for winter storage. LOL

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            I modified the seat so someone of normal size could actually fit in the cab. I cut a piece of plywood to replace the springs, applied 2 inches of foam, and then the seat cover. Plenty of room now.
            By the way, this early 28 pickup is for sale.
            Eastern Connecticut


            • Beauford
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              That looks nice and plenty of room. Did you staple the cover to the plywood? How much you asking for him?

            • 2manycars
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              Yes, just stapled the vinal to the back of the plywood. Sold the truck today. It was the girlfriend's truck that Irestored for her 20 years ago, but she cant drive any more due to disability, so it had to go. She is very sad.

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            Originally posted by Mark Jacobson View Post
            Flip the cushion over with a piece of plywood under, cut to fit the top of the cushion, oversize . Rig up a way to squeze it evenly. Tie vertically and also tie horizontal so the vertical ties don't slide together. The horizontal ties go to the next spring nearby..Flip over the furnature in the house for an example.
            "FLIP OVER THE FURNITURE"???? Then people would think I'm REALLY KRAZY!!! Read of a Guy that suspended ALL his furniture to his ceiling, with HEAVY chains, NO LEGS on anything!!! Would be EASY to vacuum the rugs---LOL---The Dog: would LOVE the swingin' BED! (WHEE!)
            Bill Flipped
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