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  • Light switch housing

    How far does the switch go up into the steering column housing where horn rod is? Does it go flush? This repo is tight!! I think it needs to go further. How will I know the tabs on the spider are in well enough? I have horn at 6 o/clock

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    The repos blow but they are supposed to be making a much better newer one.. check with your vendor and find out if is the improved manufacture or not.
    If it isnt get it

    Use Tom's yard stick trick under the wheel to hold the horn rod down
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      Beauford, even the originals don't go all the up to the ring, there is an indexing tang that stops it from going all the way up. About an ¼in is acceptable and the switch will still work. As long as the bail isn't too tight nor too loose, should work.
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        Here's a picture.
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          Bob!!! Thanks for the horn rod only turns to the right all the way to 3 o'clock Am I missing something?


          • Tom Wesenberg
            Tom Wesenberg commented
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            The fluted headlamp switch should have 5, 6, and 7 o'clock positions, and the Twolite will add the 8 o'clock position.
            Do you have the handle pointed straight down, and the notch in the switch body properly aligned?

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          Beauford with the light switch remove from the steering column can you use a socket extension and t handle and get all of the positions also a little dieelectric grease on the contacts might help as well Mitch is right i had a new one never could get it to work found an old original


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            Headed back into garage and will try the above in between wet sanding. (don't paint in VA humidity=orange peel)


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              I got 5, 6 and 7...just had to adjust the switch inside of casing before putting on. Like I said...this is my first Rodeo! LOL Now to adjust ubolts on rear as I have the driver tilt slightly. I know I measured that frame level!!!!!


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                Glad you got it had to work mine the way I described so it would not screw something up.


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