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  • "I was told once that..." stories...

    How many of you at one time or the other over the years heard something about the Model A/AA Ford that you had a hard time beleiving if it were true or not.

    Here is my story...I was told once that before the Ford Runtunda fire of what year I forget, that there were many Ford archives and Ford data that were lost due to the fire.

    One of the items that was lost were all the ledgers telling just what Ford Assembly Plants that each numbered Model A/AA engine were sent to.

    I have no idea if this was true or false but if true...what a shame and what a loss to our hobby.


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    What a loss to Ford as I'm sure they needed to have those records to know the efficiency of each assembly plant, jut as an example.


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      But Steve we are still fortunate to have the info we DO have on Fords. There is a lot of good information out there and you have dug up a lot of it! This info isn't readily available to the Chevy and Dodge boys out there they are stumbling around in the dark.

      It is very nice to run a 'Marti Report' on a 60's-early 70's Ford car. I did one on our '69 Mach 1 and got a lot of neat information on the car. Ford kept all those build records from back then and Kevin Marti out in Arizona accessed them from Ford Motor Company. For not a terrible amount of money, you can get a real nice framed presentation with a copy of your MSRP window sticker, data plate, when the car was 'ordered' and when it was 'bucked' the day it was at final assy the plant it was built at and the dealerships address it was delivered to and on what day and on and on and a breakdown of exactly how many of your cars were built with the drivetrain combo, colors, etc. Ours came out of Foulger Ford in Monrovia, California and by the time they broke it down to the options it was ordered with the car was one of one. That is neat to have. And at the end, it states 'this Mach 1 is that car' and it's signed and verified by Kevin Marti.

      Foulger Ford I learned was the Tasca Ford of the West Coast, they sponsored a drag team (not a bunch of guys dressed up like chicks) and Ford would promote them and hold seminars at the dealership for the go fast Ford guys on Saturday mornings.


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