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  • Shim Stock.

    Ok, show of hands just how many of you have tried to separate a .001 shim from the bearing shim stock?

    I have NEWS!!

    I just figured a better way to do it without pealing them up like curley que. I have this tool that is called a "resistance solder machine" and basically what it does is has 2 wires which electricity is passed through to heat up an item, kinda like welding, only it is made for soldering.

    Now here is the trick part, I placed a block of shim between the tips and threw the juice to it, which smoked and while heating up the shims, burnt the stuff holding them together.

    Now, I know that only maybe one or two of you would even think of owning one of these, but here is the idea.

    Take your favorite charged up battery and hook some decently heavy wires to each terminal, say battery cables, and carefully hold the two cables against either side of the shims and it should heat the shims up enough to burn out the adherent.

    This should separate the plates. Now, say you break them all loose and want to place a few of them back together, easy peasy, just use a bit of finger nail polish between the plates and clamp it back together, the polish will hold them.

    I just found a small flaw in this idea, try to only heat it up enough to burn the stuff out, if you heat it too much, you could weld them together, like spot welding.
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    Thanks Wiz
    I think Chief has one of those solderers. Here is a tech thread on the subject
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      Heat up a piece of steel,any kind of scrap,probably 1/4 inch or thicker till it's cherry red.Throw the shim pack on it,push them down like a hamburger on a grille,and watch the thin shims curl up and away from the others.I have had some modern shim packs though that this had no effect on.


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        Good ideas. I've always had trouble separating the packs, so I just sand them.


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          I've used a magnifying glass, then scrape the edge with a razor blade until a corner starts to lift up.


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            torch works the best shims stay straight


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              I always found individual shims come apart easier when bending same back and forth because of their having no shear resistance between individual pieces.

              Similar to structural wood and/or steel beams carrying loads & Model A springs carrying loads ..... there is zero shear in centers of structural beams and Model A springs at the center bolt; however, shear and internal "sliding" forces occur further out at both ends when bending during deflection.


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                The new shims of the past 3 years or so, are put together with a modern Glue. They are all but impossible to get apart with out heating to burn the glue out of the packs. I use a small propane torch to burn the glue away, and a small needle nose pliers to hold them with. Where the pliers holds the shim, the pliers jaws protect the glue, and will keep the pack together, if desired. Do it very slowly, only takes about 10 seconds, or less. When the flame stops, from the Glue burning, your done.

                The shims that come as Main, or Rod shims are normally of .003, and .002 thousandths increments.



                • H. L. Chauvin
                  H. L. Chauvin commented
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                  Thanks Mr. Herm for the heads-up to be aware of modern shim glue.
                  Last time I bought shims was 12 years ago.
                  Also, I'm not the swiftest person at our now "Mandatory" Home Depot Self-Check-Out Lines either ...... going through is beginning to resemble a sort of Obsolete Feeling.

                • Dennis
                  Dennis commented
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                  We still have both, self and standard. Usually there is an employee in the self stands that will gladly help you every step of the way if you walk up and ask them. Some HD stores don't have self checkout, and more of the Lowe's don't have self checkout. A lot depends on the area the store is located. Same for spray paint cans, taggers areas are locked up and no self checkout.

                • H. L. Chauvin
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                  Everything goes well at our HD until the military card is shown ..... at our HD they have to verify same & enter this card acceptance at a different register.

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