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Wiring inline fuel pump and electronic fuel valve.

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  • Wiring inline fuel pump and electronic fuel valve.

    So until I can buy another tank I have a T'ish cylinder tank in the bed of truck. I have mounted the tank and have secured the fuel pump on pass frame channel close to tank as possible underneath. I have a 30amp inline fuse off the "-" side of battery to the fuel pump and grounded fuel pump. I will later tonight mount cutoff fuel valve near carb inside frame and I have a toggle switch to the battery and connected to cutoff and grounded. My question is do I need to have both fuel pump and fuel cutoff wired together? I figure you flip the toggle and that closes cutoff or do I need to cut off both. Now to figure best wat to run fuel line......

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    Problem Solved.....stay tuned for next.


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      Well the painter was sanding a rough area on tank....gas came out. Rust911 took it down to the best solid metal but the tank was to far gone in one area so he is filling that and make it look good and paint. Instead of chasing down a '29 tank that's worth a damn I'm going with a bed mount tank in the truck...maybe a stainless round tank mounted to truck bed. How hard are fuel pump installs? Never...
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      My idea is to suck out the fuel from the top of the tank, I have a gallon and a half of fuel installed.

      does anyone have a better idea?.

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      Fuel Pump
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      I run a stock '29 RPU and due to a hole in original tank I am running a tank in the bed of the truck. I had a cheap in line pump that died after 150 miles so stepped up to a Carter P4259. It works great but is noisy as hell. Any way to quiet this pump down??
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