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  • Water Flushing Pump

    Can someone who used a sump pump to flush there engines out for rust tell me what size motor your pump had. If I go this route I want to be sure it will be powerful enough to do the job. Thanks

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    The $5 garage sale pump I used is 1/3 HP and 1725 RPM. Imperial brand pedestal pump.


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      Thanks Tom


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        I found one of these for $40.00 last year on ebay.
        1/3 hp 3480 gal per hr. At 5 ft discharge level above pump, 3000 gal per hr.
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          Model A Flushing Pumps ...... If Intended For Cleaning?

          One thing to consider is that the insides of an 80+ year old engine/radiator does not have a smooth, vitreous china surface like that of a normal commercial toilet which keeps clean with only simple standing water and forced water flushing action.

          For "positive" flushing, one would be wise to consider at least one of many chemicals to "chemically" cut through grease/rust/dirt embedded in the "rough", porous metal surfaces of cast iron and "rough" white mineral build up in radiators.

          In fact, in my opinion, introducing one of the best cleansing products like POR 15 Marine Clean accompanied by the mild action of a normal Model A water pump, could clean "rough"surfaces far better than connecting an 80+ year old Model A cooling system to (3) violent high pressure fire truck water pumps.

          Just trying to assist anyone on this Forum in sharing past Model A radiator/engine cleaning experiences.
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          • Dennis
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            I used Tom W. idea on flushing and he suggested where to buy a pump and demonstrated in past his results. It worked for me...

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          Well I found a guy on my local Craigslist that had some pumps for sale. After looking at them I decided to purchase a pool pump from him which I paid $40 for it has a 1hp motor and seems to work well.
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          • Hoogah
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            Does this have to be a sealed system and the pump primed to get it to work?

          • Mitch
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            Here is the tech thread on the procedure.


          • copgib
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            I checked the pump to ensure it was pumping water, I believe it will do the job.

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