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Oil Pan flanges

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  • Oil Pan flanges

    Any suggestions for (simple) straightening method or leveling out the oil pan flanges (mating surfaces to block) ?

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    A 1/2" diameter brass or aluminum rod and hammer. Lay the lip on a solid edge, such as the edge of a solid work table.


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      You can also scuff them, upside down, on a cement floor, to see WHERE they need straightening! (TIP# 193)
      Bill Tricky


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      • hotrod62
        Removing oil pan tray
        by hotrod62
        How do you remove the tray from the oil pan? Only thing I found on YouTube was a guy just dropping the pan onto the floor! There’s no way in hell that will work for my ‘31 pan. Those indentations in the pan and tray are pretty deep, once snapped in they don’t just fall out. I’m thinking of clamping one side of the pan in vise and prying with a pipe where the oil pump opening is. Thanks
        08-22-2022, 04:11 PM
      • plyfor
        Oil Pan Shield
        by plyfor
        Snyder's catalogue shows an oil pan shield that is noted in the Service Bulletins. Has anyone installed one of these and/ or is it needed ? How is it secured, and could it be modified to fit in an older oil pan ?
        07-24-2020, 04:29 PM
      • troutyjim
        Oil Pan Baffle Question
        by troutyjim
        Without removing the oil pan from the engine are there identification marks on the pan that indicate whether it has baffles installed or not. Also, when did Ford begin building engines that had baffles in the pans. Thanks for any help as I'm completely baffled at this point!
        03-24-2022, 12:59 PM
      • JohnB15632
        Oil Pan installation
        by JohnB15632
        Good Morning,

        Can someone help me with information on installing the oil pan. When installing the oil pan, does the oil pump pass through the opening in the shelf? Does the spring come to rest on the pan itself? Resting right around the drain plug hole?

        Or, do I have the shelf installed backwards?
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        This gallery has 1 photos.
        06-17-2021, 08:06 AM
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        Stuck Oil Pan Issue
        by kevinf
        I am dropping my oil pan for the first time on my 1931 Model A as there is starting to be excessive oil leaking and it has never been dropped in the 5 years that I have owned the car. I have followed the removal instructions in the Andrews Mechanics Handbook and even though I have removed all 20 bolts, the oil pan will not drop. I have lightly tapped it with a rubber mallet and still no movement...
        06-08-2022, 02:20 PM
      • dmaxweb
        Oil Pan Repair
        by dmaxweb
        I have an oil pan with a row of small holes. I took it to a welder and it blew out right away. They recommended brazing it. I told them I'd think about it and picked it up. The pan has quite a bit of pitting on the outside but no other holes (yet). My thought is to just find another pan. How difficult is it to find a nice one?
        06-04-2021, 03:07 PM
      • Jim Mason
        early oil pan
        by Jim Mason
        Anybody have trick way of removing the reinforcement on the lip of the oil pan? Or I'm I also looking for an early pan?
        11-20-2021, 03:59 PM
      • Denis4x4
        What is this?
        by Denis4x4
        What is this bolt next the oil pump? Pan is Model A modified for a ‘39 transmission
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      • dmaxweb
        Felpro Oil Pan Snap Ups
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        Has anyone used these to help replacing oil pan gaskets on the car?
        05-15-2021, 07:36 AM
      • getgood
        Recommendations for cleaning oil sludge
        by getgood
        1st time changing the oil today - saw there was some sludge build up in the bottom of the oil plug. Also saw some build up on the oil fill port as well.

        Ordered a kit for the oil pan gasket and will plan on dropping to clean next..

        My question is would you use some sort of engine cleaner based on observed sludge prior to dropping the pan?
        Or simply drop the pan to inspect?...
        05-10-2020, 08:10 PM