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Aluminum Model A Front Fender Build

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  • Aluminum Model A Front Fender Build

    This is a project that I have wanted to try since getting more involved in the metal shaping segment of automotive restoration. I have taken a particular interest in doing aluminum work because it looks to be more difficult to achieve by both welding and finishing. This project is a 1930-1931 Front fender. I have been involved the last few years with a gentleman in Belfast, Tennessee who asked for my help in making the wood crate bucks for building fenders and body panels for a 1935 Bugatti Stelvio. As a result we got involved with a gentleman who teaches 3D graphics Pennsylvania University in Philly. I had him help me make a 3D scan of an NOS Model A fender. I took that as an .iges file and developed the sections needed to make a wooden buck. I made these in SolidWorks and had them all cut on a water jet out of 5/8" Baltic Birch plywood. They are glued together, then filed gently to end up with a 3D wood guide/buck. This fender will eventually have a wheel well, and I have made a wood egg crate buck for that as well. This post will be for the start of th SolidWorks drawings. Other posts will follow as I make progress.
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    Here are some of the tools and the fender well buck. The plastic parts are for a die that will be used in a Pullmax to put the character line in the fender well. The large / small rollers are used in an English wheel to put the character line down the length of the fender itself.


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      Here are some pictures of the fender buck parts as they were brought home from the water jet place, and some showing some of the pieces being assembled, and test fitting the wood buck to the original NOS fender. While this buck is made from and for a left side fender, the parts as cut from the water jet place can be assembled in opposite hand prior to gluing to make the right side fender. The other pics are of the fender well. I am going to make it in three pieces, starting with the center. I will put in the character line prior to forming and welding on the sides


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      Nice Will. You the man
      Welome to our new modified forum
      3 ~ Tudor's
      Henry Ford said
      "It's all nuts and bolts"

      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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        Way to go Will. Metal working body parts is not my strong point.


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          Very cool will. This is Logan Douglass, I came to your shop a few years ago for the class with peter. Would love to catch up with you sometime. I still have that in my books as the best money I’ve ever spent, and one of the best weeks I’ve ever had. Would love to chat with you again sometime


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            Good morning Douglas, I remember you well. You were attentive and very personable, and it looks like you had plenty of talent to pursue your interests. You are welcome back anytime.


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