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  • 39 build thread "Clyde"

    Figured I'm getting enough shots of progress on the 39, and am bouncing between it, the 35, the 37C body, the 49, and the model a's that I better start a thread so everyone can keep up with progress.

    I'll start with a few pictures for its introduction and then explain the details, progress and plans...

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    Plans were to source a small chassis 4x4 like a jeep or toyo and swap it on the chassis.

    Then I decided to save money and graft it onto a 92 k1500 chassis I had built for a mud bog.

    Then I said piss on that, i didn't wanna mess with the IFS/torsion bars while chopping the frame down and I might have a deal worked out for I think it's an 01 or 02 jeep grand Cherokee that's been rolled for cheap cheap. I'll use the front and rear axles with suspension and plum it onto this chassis. And probably for timeframes and costs utilize the 4.0/auto/tcase with harness and computer and just swap it in as well.

    That should give me an operational 39 tudor 4x4 in pretty quick time.

    The next step is to blend to body sections back together.


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