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Fitting an S10 to my 21 studder 28 hiboy roadster.

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  • Fitting an S10 to my 21 studder 28 hiboy roadster.

    Finally got the clutch plate so am ready to get back into it.

    Can anybody tell me if I can undo the 4 bolts at front of gearbox and pull the shaft out so I can use it to line up clutch, OR can something drop out inside and cause me grief.

    If it is a simple pull and replace gasket, I will do it, or I will fit the box with out bell housing, but more work to lug it in there twice.

    Will post pics as I go.

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    Keith don't do that, you will be asking for trouble. Get a universal line up tool or make something up
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      Keith, you would be asking for trouble, but you can pull the bell housing and use the pilot shaft too align the clutch as long as everything is out of the car. I highly recommend doing this, I have never had success at using a universal alignment tool.
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        Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
        I have never had success at using a universal alignment tool.
        I use it all the time at the shop, although now a days the clutch kits come with a plastic tool. Many times on taking apart a manual, the cluster gear is larger and covers some of the case hole. The input would not pull out anyway, but regardless of that you'll be loosing parts if you try
        3 ~ Tudor's
        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

        Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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          Ok Thanx Guys.

          The 39 box pilot shaft pulls straight out with no drama, but did not know nothing about the innards of this one.

          Gunna resort to plan B.

          Use a chain block from the rafters with top down and windscreen out, so I can swing the box in and out and bolt the pressure plate up without the bellhousing.

          I got the floor and seats out so there is a nice big hole to work thru.

          And I have to redesign the pedals/handbrake/gearbox mount/cut and weld tail shaft etc.

          Much easier from the top.


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            Today's progress. Not a lot, as I had sparky come and rewire my compressor after bushfire.

            S10 hanging from a chain block to rafter. Glad it is a rag top.

            Macs adapter sidevalve to S10 world class.

            I am sure this is not in any way affiliated with Mac's of USA, as it is/was cast in New Zealand by local Melbourne guys.

            Was, meaning the casting has moved to Melbourne now as costs went up in NZ.


            Clutch plate loose to move, when pilot shaft in, went around and nipped up pressure plate.



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              Well that is one way to skin the cat.
              3 ~ Tudor's
              Henry Ford said
              "It's all nuts and bolts"

              Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                A bit of a job to drill a new fork shaft and fit it..bash and press it thru with the tight fork to contend with, but finally got it in and bolted the bellhousing up, and the box slipped right in easy. Whew.

                In and out a couple of times to check fork, and fix the issue of outer fork arm hitting the starter bendix cover.

                A few belts with the hammer took care of that.

                I hope the bendix has room to do its job inside. ah well, will find out when I hit the starter.

                The standard S10 stick looks and feels fine re fore and aft and sideways movement.

                Unlike the T5 stick which is a short ass, so when extended has way too much throw.

                I may not have to fit a short shifter gizmo.

                Gunna cut and weld an original swan neck stick to make it look better.

                high shift.jpg

                Pedals and handbrake and cutting tailshaft to fit is today's job.

                The donor gearbox mount I was gunna use got fried in the bushfire under the donor car, so have ordered a new one off ebay .

                Gotta wait for that so a gearbox crossmember fab will be next week.

                Should have it ready to go to a run on feb 9th if mount turns up mid week.


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                  Did some more today.

                  Got pedals back in, handbrake done, tailshaft cut and in.

                  A bit pissed, I find that this S10 has pulse electronic speedo drive only.

                  I love my old MPH Model A speedo.

                  Gunna have to work something out.


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                    I wana see pictures!
                    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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                      Originally posted by DaWizard View Post
                      I wana see pictures!
                      X2.. I’m sure a lot of modifiers would like to see this documented.
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                      Henry Ford said
                      "It's all nuts and bolts"

                      Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                        Originally posted by pooch View Post
                        A bit pissed, I find that this S10 has pulse electronic speedo drive only.
                        Which year and original powertrain was the s10? I'm kind of an s10 fanatic/enthusiast so I may could shed light but I need more details.


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                          The S10 came in a batch of boxes imported by a guy in Melbourne.

                          Don't know much about it, he told me it is out of a C### and it is a world class.

                          A bit of research leads me to believe there may be mechanical drives on older S10/s.

                          Ebay USA sells new rear housings with cable drive, the price ain't too bad at $200 USD, but as always the freight to here really puts a damper on things.

                          I was thinking out loud as attaching an old motorcycle speedo drive that fits on the bike axle to the output yoke between rear box seal and universal.

                          Got a couple of swap meets to go to, so I may look for one.

                          I really do want my oval speedo working again.

                          This link is pretty cool for a T5 mod which has a mechanical speedo already.


                          edit The $200 USD was an exchange changeover mod.

                          I think I could have a go at this myself.


                          Another alternative....

                          Dakota Digital Electronic Cable Drive Speedometer Control Units ECD-100-1 - Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing


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                            Yes the older generation does have mechanical speedo. I want to say they went to VSS speedometer in 87 with the introduction of fuel injection. I wanna say 86 and prior had mechanical cable driven.


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                              This leads to another 2 Q/s.

                              Now that mine is post 87, does the earlier rear housing fit straight up?

                              And if so, does anyone here have a mechanical speedo rear housing for sale ?


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                                Yes and no.

                                In this aspect, the s/t series were similar but different. There were about 5 engine transmission combinations used throughout those years. Including and not limited to a 2.2L isuzu diesel option from 83-85. There was the 2.5 L iron Duke 4cy, and the 2.8L v6. The 4.3L debuted in 87 with fuel injection. But also debuted in the c/k fullsize series trucks in 85 as a carborated version until 87, when they too switched to fuel injection. This was also the last year of "official c/k10/20/30(with other chassis keeping square until 91, but that's beside the point) and 88 was the birth of the new 1500, 25, 3500 series.

                                That being said... there are certain powertrain combinations that were available through the years in the s series, that would determine which parts to interchange on the tailpiece. Is it 4 speed manual, 5 speed manual, 200r4, 700r4? And which bellhousing as the 2.2, 2.8,2.5 dont share the same bellhousing as the 4.3 or the SBC family.

                                Would you have a vin number at all? Atleast the first 10.

                                I gaurentee I could probably find the exact part your after based off of year interchange that I have in my ol noggin, but I need more details on the powertrain and year.


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                                  I will ring the guy that I got it off, but I doubt he will know anymore than that he said it is a chev WC.

                                  It is a 5 speed over drive.

                                  Will post some pics.

                                  It did not come with any bellhousing . 26 ? spline input shaft.


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                                    26 spline? That seems like you have a Camaro/ firebird transmission. The s10 and astro van were 14 spline, where as the camaro was 26. The shifters are in different locations is the easy tell tale.

                                    It took me a good minute to realize the picture above was a T5 that was upside down.

                                    The camaro input shaft was shorter than the s10, I dont know if that's going to hurt your application or not?

                                    I have a place to source the tailshaft housing for probably pretty cheap, as I seen what you mean on Ebay. 2-$300 which to me is a bit spendy. I think I can find cheaper.


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                                      Stebs, I reckon my box is the same as the first pic in this topic.


                                      Here is mine..


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                                        That's much better. I would swear the first picture was upside down because it looked like it was taken in cab. This is definitely under cab. To me that seems like someone has already swapped tail peices before. Everything I've been reading up on shows s10 chassis to have 14 spline input shaft. If yours does have 26 spine I will bet that someone at some point built that for a project. Whether it be they took a powertrain from a Camaro and shoved it in an s10(v8 swaps are very popular in my day), or the original s10 transmission crapped out, they sourced this transmission for a replacement from a scrap yard and changed the s10 housing over only later to discover when trying to install the transmission that it's not the right spline, and they lost interest, baught another vehicle and it later got sold and peiced out.
                                        Last edited by STEBS; 02-11-2020, 07:24 PM.


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                                          But either way, back to point. I've done a little looking around with my sources and contacts, I still have a couple more to check into if I ever remember to during business hours. But so far, your right, the average rate seems to be going about 200-300 dollars. Core transmissions averaging $350+.

                                          I imagine your looking yourself, but, I'll do what I can to find you a good deal on a tailshaft.

                                          Otherwise you may just have to run with no speedo for now, and swap it out down the road when you do happen across one.


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                                            Ok Thanks, This S10 with 26 spline input is a world class box.

                                            Yes it was upside down in pic as it had a hole to hang it by, to line up the clutch plate with.

                                            I think, unless something else turns up, the dakota pulse input to cable output may be the easiest.

                                            Got it running yesterday, felt good in OD, and it definitely does not need a short shifter.

                                            Feels a bit strange to have 5 gears instead of 3, but very easy to shift.


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                                              Went for a long drive today.

                                              Box feels great.

                                              Much easier on the revs and noise when in 5th OD.

                                              Was well worth it.

                                              Cost exercise was (AUD) $595 adapter, $775 S10 box, about $100 (can't rem) for spigot bearing (what you guys call an input shaft bearing?), plastic sleeve for throwout bearing, $88 for 9 inch clutch plate, straight forward easy fit, and I sold the old 39 top loader for $1000.

                                              I got this good price for the 39 because it was gauranteed with a test drive to not leak oil and not jump out of gear and have no other vices.

                                              The buyer could not get here to test it, but that was up to him, I offered and he paid.

                                              Just gotta get my oval speedo working

                                              Glad there is text in video, when he says no dip switches to F#@$ with, If the text wasn't there, you would think he said the F word...


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                                                Try giving Speedometer Cables USA a call 303-629-6958
                                                they are in Colorado
                                                hours are Monday - Thursday 8 am to 5 pm Mountain time Friday 8-4 pm
                                                check out their website
                                                they should be able to fix you up, they will use your existing cables if you want.

                                                So don’t Fuss with it!
                                                28 Tudor
                                                57 Tbird
                                                2kMR2 Spyder
                                                62 Willys Pickup

                                                Wise man once told me you don’t know what you don’t know


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                                                  It seems they only do cables.

                                                  The cable is not the issue.

                                                  The problem is, the gearbox does not have any gear drive in it.

                                                  Just a pulse chopper wheel.

                                                  And the pulse pickup goes directly in at right angles to chopper, so one cannot simply bolt in a spiral drive gear and a pinion drive gear .

                                                  The hole in the box would have to be moved to get the gears to mesh.

                                                  I guess this is what a company does for $200 USD for their exchange rear housings.


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