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Don't toss those tapered kitchen table legs.

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  • Don't toss those tapered kitchen table legs.


    Always hard to find metal bows, and I would never chop a restorable set.

    This is what you can do with kitchen table legs.

    I first flattened them to an oval, then sectioned a piece out where the bend is.

    Then squared it a touch on the inside of the bend so it would fit in my stretcher machine, and pumped the curve into it.

    The end pieces that are the hinges to body are cut ends of an old sway bar.

    I made the hinge halfway up out of scrap to resemble a Model A one.

    It was a bit tricky to get it all hinged properly so it folded neat .

    With the shape I wanted the roof, it does not reach the hood rests, but ya can't have everything !!

    Time consuming , but very satisfying in the end.

    I even made the stanchion top bracket.

    Then I got out the walking foot sewing machine and made the roof and the side curtains.

    A few days work, but at least I got it exactly how I wanted it.
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    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
      Editing a comment
      I second the Amazing and first the Genius!

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    Haha Mitch, no.... I was the only mechanical minded kid in my family of 4 siblings.

    The old man was into bikes and had a workshop with a huge old lathe.

    I was getting the old thumpers going from the age of 11 and got my first car a 39 ford deluxe at 14 , was riding and driving the streets at 15 with no license or rego (or money).

    So this was a good apprenticeship for this game we play now.


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      Courtesy John Carter!

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