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Solved a problem, that I did think was rather more than what I thought it was.

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  • Solved a problem, that I did think was rather more than what I thought it was.

    Model A hiboy with buggy spring, dropped axle , split bones.

    Last sunday, I had a niggly shake/almost a death wobble from front wheels.

    It got progressively worse as I managed to get home.

    Discovered a perch nut had fallen off, and dropped the lower shock mount off, so no damping on the left side.

    The shock had struck something and it was ruined by hitting back on the axle.

    I replaced the nut and not having another shock, went for a test run, to see if it was any different to when the nut was missing.

    It was in fact worse.

    The shaking was real bad , started at about 35 MPH and it compounded itself very quickly, I was lucky to pull off the road and still hang onto the steering wheel.

    I thought about this a bit, and as the panhard bar is connected to the right side chassis and left hand wishbone, it must be setting up a harmonic imbalance as the axle moves up and down and movement goes sideways with the arc of the panhard.

    I changed the good shock on right over to left and went for a run, not really expecting it to be better.

    But it was perfect, so this means, that if a shock ever goes soft on the arced end of a panhard, this is what to look for.

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    That is very interesting. Will need to put some thought into that.
    Whenever I pass someone who's texting and driving, I throw my beer at their window.


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      And Wiz, the panhard bar is at perfect angle, just a little down to wishbone,to allow upwards bump, so arc length movement is minimal and the bar is the longest possible.

      The sideways movement would be miniscule, but it must be just enough to start an oscillation going and then compound it.


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        Well, I rang the dudes who make these shocks, and the woman on the end was real rude and abrupt.

        She said we don't make them anymore and have no stock and hung up.

        I then chased all over the net, but could not find anything the same size, and thought I had a major job having to redesign my upper shock brackets.

        So, as a last resort I rang the guy who actually bought them for me off this supplier in the hope he may have one lying around.

        He agreed that the woman is a real piece of work, but she does talk civilly to us account customers.

        Within an hour, he said they have not got any, but they wil supply a pair maybe before christmas.

        Funny, one thinks how some businesses survive with attitude like that.

        He also said, they can possibly fix mine.

        I said no, the body is dented, he said. they can replace the body.

        ??? I said jeez, you would reckon that would cost more than a new one.

        They are $295 AUD a pair, i said , just order me 2 new ones and I will have a spare.


        As I was looking at the front end , I noticed this side shackle was not 45 degrees, as it was when I built it.

        Dunno why, checked all bolts, including spring U bolts, all OK, so re adjusted the panhard bar a couple of threads, looks better now.


        • Mitch
          Mitch commented
          Editing a comment
          There is no modern shock interchange that would work on this application?

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        Now I have same coming, that will fix it.
        I liked these brushed SS.
        Painted looks crap and chrome goes rusty in months.


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