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modern drivetrain in a 35 PickUp

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  • modern drivetrain in a 35 PickUp

    Hello Folks, I have a 35 Ford Pickup. Frame was boxed, Mustang II has been installed and 95 Mustang 7.5 rear end with 4 link and Coil overs was installed before I got it. It was set up with Motor mounts for a 302. That can be changed. Question is can I install a V6 EcoBoost w/ auto Tran. drive train. it came with nothing. i am building a daily/weekend driver for me not a race car but reliable. old look new ride. i welcome any input from those who have done this before.

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    Welcome to the VFF Robbo!
    I don't see any reason why You couldn’t build the truck that way.
    It would have plenty of power, and be fuel efficient.

    Please post pictures. We love pictures!
    Twiss Collector Car Parts


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      Hey Robbo WELCOME to the VFF!!

      Anything is possible, but if I were to do anything other than stock I would pull the body and refit the build around the new drivetrain. If you don't, fenders will get bent or scratched, the floor pans will always get in the way, and you will need to lay on your back to get dimensions and fitting.
      You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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        throw a 302 with an auto trans and go! you will save a lot of $ and headaches.


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          Definitely need to post pics!!!


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            The limit is infinity. But, being reasonable is a smart move. Your choice will work, but you will have a computer to deal with, and it can be a real hassle unless you are very savy to that specific engine/trans ecu. Most elect to stick with an old school non-ecu combo. Much simpler.
            CB the Wonderful


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              Hi, and welcome to the modified forum here.

              I have a 28 pickup with a computer V6 in mine.

              Albeit it is Aussie commodore, so it may be different from your source, I have 3 A/s, 2 with V6. and both running original oval speedos from a T5 and sending pulses to the computer with a pass thru pulse generater /cable adapter.

              Both good cruisers.

              The other is a 21 stud sidevalve so that don't need no stinking computer.....


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