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19 inch wheels cut down

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  • 19 inch wheels cut down

    I had some 17/s cut to 15/s and widened for my AV8 and really like them.

    Next month I am cutting down some 16/s to 15/s for my pickup.

    Has anyone ever cut down and widened 19/s ?

    Was looking at a set of 19/s today and wonder what they would look like with the exposed nuts and small cap in 15 X 8 and 15 X 6..

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    Holly crap, getting spoke wheels cut down and straight, seems really hard. I'm assuming you are welding the spokes to the new rim, and that seems a bit iffy to me. But you say you have cut others down, so you must know what you are doing. If you do these, how about a picture?
    CB the Wonderful


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      I would like to see some info and pics also about cutting wheels down
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        Friend, Ted, (RIP) was a GENIUS at cutting down 19s & adding 16" rims. His fixture was a HEAVY steel plate, with a spindle & hub, mounted in the middle. His wheels always came out straight!----"Maybe" I'm a WORRY-WART, BUT at 65 MPH, I would always "WORRY" about ALL those WELDED SPOKES!!!---I'd NEVER-EVER drive a car with WOOD SPOKE Wheels!!!!
        Dad Chickenliver


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          I use a guy who has been doing these for years.

          Says he has done over 1500 sets and never any problem or come back.

          I was a bit concerned about fitting 8 inch rims, but he said he has done up to 12 inch rims on a 32 to 35 spoked centre.

          I was with him all day when he did my last set and saw the process all the way thru.

          He is old skool and uses oxy and stick weld only.

          I asked him about plasma and mig, he said he has never used it and too old to learn, and besides, I would never get a mig nozzle around the spokes.

          His life long business has been wheel building and repairs.


          • Mitch
            Mitch commented
            Editing a comment
            Strap your Go Pro on him so we can learn

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          Am booked in nov 2 , will ask him if i can take pics.


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            I used to have a pair of 21"s that were cut down to 16”
            I never used them, I re-sold them.
            I see rims like these pop up at the flea markets from time to time.
            Twiss Collector Car Parts


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