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Alloy twin carb sidevalve manifold.

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  • Alloy twin carb sidevalve manifold.

    Does anyone recognise this brand ?

    Had RAR LA2519 on it.

    Was at last weekend's swap.


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    Keith, I have seen that manifold before, but I don't remember what the RAR stood for, nor when I remember seeing it.
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      that's a v8 manifold


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        Maybe "rar" stands for "Rots A Ruck"... Seriously, I wonder if the "1" could be a bar, making it "LA 25 bar 9"?
        CB the Wonderful


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          Wow Corley, I would never have noticed that if you had not mentioned it.
          What does the LA25 I 9 then mean?



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            HA! Who knows what it means, but it is something else to consider when researching. Got to keep an open mind you know...
            CB the Wonderful


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              A Friend owns a "MUSEUM-LIKE" auto upholstery shop, on the wall are DOZENS of Flathead V-8 manifolds. MANY that I've NEVER seen before! "Wonder" how many MORE are in his HUGE BASEMENT???
              Dad Amazed


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