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  • Firewall swap

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has done this or have any general knowledge on firewalls. I'm planning on putting a 59A in a 31 Model A using a model
    A frame and I'm not too excited to notch a perfectly good firewall. My question is can a 32 firewall fit in an A with minimal modifications?

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    First concern would be what gas tank you plan on using.


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      Originally posted by Fomoco998 View Post
      First concern would be what gas tank you plan on using.
      most likely a fuel cell or 32 tank


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        If you are going to all the trouble to remove the firewall, I would buy one already modified from Brookville Roadster.

        Firewalls ‹ Product Categories ‹ Brookville Roadster

        I have replaced firewalls; it is not necessarily a straightforward process. There are lots of spot welds that have to be found and removed, here is some info.

        Update: Firewall question - Vintage Ford Forum

        Once you get the old one out, what do you plan to do with it? Original firewalls, in great shape will bring around $100 at a swap meet. By the time you get it out, probably won't be in great shape because you will be trying to save the cowl instead of the firewall. One or the other will take more damage.

        If you are going this way just cut your firewall. Just my 2 cents.
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        It's never as bad as you think, nor as good as you hope.


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          If you are going this way just cut your firewall. Just my 2 cents.[/QUOTE]



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