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    Something I noticed today was a different paint guide. This is not the same book as 3rd edition Model A Ford Paint and Finish Guide. The one I'm looking at in a catalog is "Antique Ford Repaint Manual". There is a PPG logo in the bottom left hand corner. It has 59 color chips used during 28-36. I noticed this is in CW Moss catalog, so I'm going to look at it if they're open tomorrow and see if it's worth buying. Anybody have one of these and can comment on it?

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    Been around for a long time. chips aren't accurate. Don't remember much about what else is in it. I'd stick with the newest version of the mafca paint guide.

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      Jim, Thanks for that tip. That's why we ask here, to get answers from those who know best.


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        Hey Dennis, do u have a pic of the cover
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          Yes here. This is from their catalog page 3.
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            I have that book, and have had it for probably 30 or 40 years. The colors are off, because from the time of the model A until the book was printed, the colors were offset several times to utilize the current colors of the cars of the time. The chicle drab and copra drab are way off, sorta green, and I used that paint to paint my father;s town sedan in 1962. It is not even close to what we use today, which is suppose to be more accurate.
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              Are the chips in the book that Dennis posted made from actual paint, like the official paint / refinish 3rd is?
              3 ~ Tudor's
              Henry Ford said
              "It's all nuts and bolts"

              Mitch's Auto Service ctr


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                Mitch, No they are not. Printed on paper pages. PASS! They had a copy and we looked at it. Not what I want. I'll order from Bratton's as I want to get some other things along with a 3rd edition.


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