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  • reflections

    I wanted to share a picture of the Victoria body after buffing.
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    Wow, now that is a shine.


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      Nice job Art

      That's the way i like em The shinier the better
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        Art, what type of paint did you use? Base coat/clear coat, single stage, water base?


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          Ed, I used Sherwin Williams 2nd Dimension single stage. It was more about getting a perfect match to the chips in the Paint and Finish Guide than anything else. I tried PPG, Dupont, and Standox and could not get a color that wasn't too army green. Larry Shepard had this Sherwin Williams formula and gave great reviews of the product, and he was right. It goes on like glass and is harder than Chinese arithmetic when dry.


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            Nice job ! good luck with the rest of the restoration.
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              I have done a lot of shooting and I am pleased to say that is a million dollar paint and buffing job, tons and tons of work but you will never regret it.
              You will turn heads wherever you go!


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                Looks really good Art.


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                  Thanks guys, now to shim and and tighten the body down.
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                    Wow, nice job!


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                      This gallery has 3 photos.
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