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How much paint for wheels

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  • How much paint for wheels

    How much paint does it take for 5 wheels & what type paint should I use ??

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    Have you considered going the powder coat route?
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      I have but don't like the color choices. Even though they are not the correct color I really like the straw color wheels that I have.


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      I've read all of those & seen the chart. That's why I deceided on paint. The powder coat choices don't come close to matching.
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        To answer the question, years ago we did 5 wheels on a rotary jig using acrylic enamel and enamel reducer. If you can't get it , suggest using modern single stage so the color is all the way thru. It took about 2-3 quarts but I always like extra for re- touch and depending on how much build up to cover pits not hidden by primer. At the time, we were told not to use too much primer build up because it shrinks. However the modern primers may be better.
        One down side to powder coat is the touch up.( We have a car with powder coat black which is OK to retouch with Centari Black or the old PPG 9300.) TCP Global in Southern Cal. has a shop line that may be available to ship to your state. They also have lacquer but that's not good for wheels, etc. If you send a sample, they can hand match it.


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          It depends on how many coats you put but for wheels I like at least 3.. so depending on mix ratio and coverage of color you will need at least 2 quarts and as was advised a 3rd would give you comfort room and spare paint for future use and touch up.


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            OK That's what I wanted to know. Thanks a lot !!!


            • BILL WILLIAMSON
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              Just buy a BUNCH of standard color Spray Cans & that little trigger attachment & spray until you're SATISFIED!
              I've seen wheels painted that way, that look as GOOD as Powder Coating!
              Bill Cheepwheels

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