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  • Axis Hobby Air Respirator

    Does anyone here have experience using the Hobby Air respirator? I am considering getting one. Half mask would be good for sanding, full face mask for 2k painting would be a minimum. I don’t know if the supplied aIr hood would be too cumbersome or not. All of my painting is basically outdoors under a canopy. What are you using?

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    I have been considering upgrading my old respirator so am interested in the responses to this thread.

    One thing to consider is that the Urethanes (2K) do absorb into the skin.

    Do they offer a pressurized body suit with the full hood. Any links to the products you are looking at?
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      All the info you need is at They have suits and hoods. Actually a respirator must be fit tested by a doctor for industrial use in the workplace per OSHA. No beards allowed, yet the TV car painters all have facial hair. An N95 or charcoal filter is not adequate PPE. A full face mask or hood Is needed to protect the eyes also. A Tyvek suit is cheap insurance.


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