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  • Paint break question

    What is the correct way to apply the secondary color on a Victoria? Do you wrap the upper color around the back of the doors and the upper part of the door jamb or do you just spray the outside of the doors allowing a drift of secondary color into the jamb as in the paint and refinish guide? can somebody post some pictures of theirs?

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    Remember, "It's just a Ford".....don't get fancy inside the door jambs.

    Just the out side of the body got the upper color, with over spray in the jambs. You'll want a cleaner job so you'll need to be creative using 2" tape and 'back tape ' the jambs. Use about 1 1/2" of tape to cover leaving 1/2" sitting above, outside the jamb. This will give you a soft, clean edge.



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      Thank you Jim, I do want it to be correct but a clean look. Next I gotta figure out how to get the body to you for stripes.


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      Attached is the 1st photo used over the years as a guide, from the De Angeles, Henry book ,the FORD MODEL A. They are not for a vicky but give the concept and attention to detail used . Production may have varied however for other years/ models, such as the 4 dr. sedans B pillar color break.
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