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Nicks, scratches and chips How do you repair them?

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  • Nicks, scratches and chips How do you repair them?

    Just what it says in the title but how on enamel, how on base coat clear coat? I could always use some ideas here on this topic.

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    I fill the area with color a little at a time to build up the layers until it reaches the depth of the crater. Then top it off with clear , a little wet sand and buff and you'll never see it
    This works for me
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    • tbirdtbird
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      agree, wet sand gently with a small piece of 1500, work your way up to 2000 or 3000, then hand buff, or break out your air mini-buffer. Dab the paint on with a toothpick. When it dries it will shrink, and keep filling until you are at the level you want.

      If you have an old panel around, or a chunk of sheet metal you could test shoot, and then dig a small area with a screwdriver, you could practice.

      It is tedious, like all paint work

      Kind of like makeup for a car!

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    Had not thought about the toothpick thought about one of the wife makeup brushes then wet sand and buff, Do those scratch remover pencils you see advertised work i was just wondering.


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      never tried that but i would be doubtful


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