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2 Hinges :cracked paint repair update

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  • 2 Hinges :cracked paint repair update

    Upon using the vendors' "tool" to remove hinge pins, we placed blue tape on the top surface to help protect the paint and some on the tool. The removed tape brought up some chips of paint with it., unfortunately some on the top/ vertical faces. The chips didn't appear to be too well adhered to the primer, possibly too much paint build up there. However,we were able to delicately peel away the chips from the tape and super glue them to the substrate. Then with saved paint from last paint job (solvent based), we were able to build up the chip joints with thinned coats allowing the thinner/mix to work into the chips/ joints, etc. The last coat was overly thinned for blending. The process involved a few coats of build up and blending with a brush, then sanding with 600,1000 grit followed by 1500. The key element was allowing the build up to cure a few days and having compatible paint. A little more cure after sanding and polishing with 3M fine grit compound finished the job. We normally use an airbrush for small areas but this avoided that and extensive masking. We also tried (older ) Testors small rattle can clear coat for models on a test hinge and allowed it to dry a week to receive a polish. It fared surprising well because the spray pattern is minimal, it's a small confined repair area and the paint is not aggressive containing acetone like today's Rustoleum and other brands. Be interested to hear about others' techniques.

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    Great information and helpful insight.

    I would recommend the next time, instead of putting the tape on the car, how about turning it over and putting it on the tool?
    You wana look waaay far up da road and plan yer route because the brakes are far more of a suggestion than a command!


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      We put tape on both. I did notice that the blue tape (non 3M) was a more aggressive tack so perhaps that was also the problem. It looked more like regular masking tape. Drafting tape (for engin. drawings, etc.) is a good tape for misc. uses and probably should have used that.


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