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1933 distributor cap, retaining clip and gasket

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  • 1933 distributor cap, retaining clip and gasket

    What type of retaining clip is used to hold this end in place and what type of gasket was originally used? Rubber or cork?
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    Cork was the gasket. They are retained by a wire bail.


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      See arrow..This end is purposely indented behind tip, as if something goes here, what?
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        Here is the bail clip.

        Look around at all the links posted in the tech area. Lots of pictures and information is in there
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          Here is the gasket set for the distributor..Are these tiny donut gaskets for the ends of the caps? The locations of some of these gaskets are obvious, but the smaller ones are not? Can someone ID where each of these smaller gaskets go?
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            From van Pelts
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              Ford went to great lengths to make the ignition system water proof. You will find it difficult if using all the Ford gaskets, to get it all in place. The result of years of pot metal expansion, and tolerances of repo parts being a little off. It can be done with some fitting and patience. My experience is a lot of people don't use any of the gaskets on their daily drivers, as few of us drive our cars in bad weather.


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                Thanks..Good to know. You are right, few people drive our old cars in the rain.


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