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grease gun fittings for original type grease nipple

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  • grease gun fittings for original type grease nipple

    What type grease gun fitting do I use for this original style grease nipple? Screw on?
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    This will work best or you can use a needle tip adapter..

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    • Great Lakes Greg
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      by Great Lakes Greg
      I bought the grease gun adapter for the Model A grease fittings, and exactly as I expected, it doesn't work. Grease everywhere except where it needs to go. As I understand it, the press in fittings are 5/16". Is there a modern fitting that will work with a conventional grease gun?...
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      Which grease gun is recommended for late 1931 Model A Tudor
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      I'm replacing the original grease fittings with modern zerks and having a devil of a time removing the old press-in ones. Anybody got any tips?

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    • JohnB15632
      Grease Fittings - Apology
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      The shock links that come form from a major supplier come with an angled original grease fitting. I have determined that this is a 3/8" threaded fitting. This fitting hex is 7/16 wrench, therefore, the threads are 3/8".

      I want to go with the modern grease fittings. The largest angled grease fitting is 5/16" that I have found so far.

      Does anyone out there know...
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      This gallery has 4 photos.
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    • Grit Kid
      Grease viscosity question.........
      by Grit Kid
      I use red and I noticed today being hot and sorts, I was looking for something and I open the door to a cabinet that has my grease guns. I notice the grease had leaked out onto the shelf. I guess this would be from being so hot and even hotter in a steel garage. If this is happening to the guns, what about Sarah's joints that take grease? Seems the viscosity is breaking down.
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    • Tom Wesenberg
      Tool to Unplug Grease Fittings
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      Here's a tool to unplug grease fittings with old dried grease in them.
      I used to see similar tools in the stores, but haven't seen any recently.
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      Spring is coming (I hope!) and it's getting close to greasing the 30 or so zerks on the Model A's. For a long time I used Henry Ford's small cartridge gun. Then I bought a Lincoln pump action but many times there just is not enough room to get a good pump. So I am now leaning to buying either a grease gun that runs off a rechargeable battery or one that I can run off my compressor. I am seeking...
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      What size should I use, what size drill and tap?
      Never done this before. Eventually want to replace all the old fittings.
      Right now the car is about 50/50 new and original.
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      Does anyone know the brand of the grease gun that came with the Model A tools? I picked up 2 antique grease guns today & I believe they are Amerlite...
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