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    One of our club members just acquired a rather sharp '49 Ford and has run into a problem replacing the dash lights. When he touches a wire the cloth coating evaporates and he is left with a bare wire.

    Any of you out there in interweb space have anything he can possibly coat the wire with that will keep the cloth in tact while he changes the bulbs.

    I was thinking maybe some spray urethane or the such, but I am just guessing as I have just replaced wiring.
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    I would hire Dave to make a new harness.
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      There is this, but I would replace the wiring.. It could be crumbling in places and shorting out in areas you don't notice or just can't get to. If your insulation is crumbling then it is a sign that it is all going..don't waste your time messing the long run it will never be reliable and right until you replace with new wire.
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        I discourage any halfway solution, as the problem will return to haunt you, and you will always be chasing the problem.
        Pulling the dash out of the car is not as difficult as you would think. There is a harness that covers the in dash elements. I suggest you start there and avoid any fire risk. It can be done in a day, and will make your ride so much more enjoyable with a renewed confidence.
        If you have questions along the way we're here to help.
        Two tips to start with. While there, be sure to clean the back side of the speedometer glass, and, don't scratch the inside of the windshield.


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          I ordered wiring for the engine I am rebuilding from

          They say they make the harnesses and cables exactly like the originals.


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