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1933 v8 Crankshaft/Rod Bearing "Oversized"

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  • 1933 v8 Crankshaft/Rod Bearing "Oversized"

    I noticed when looking to purchase replacement bearing that they list standard size plus additional oversized sized. Why are there oversized sizes, Is this to do with the original block size variations?

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    If the crank journals have been ground / resurfaced an oversize bearing is needed. You will need to take measurements to determine what is needed.
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      Great to know. So the outside of the bearings are all the same diameter, it is the inside "The surface that wears" that changes with oversized bearings. So, I guess you would measure, with a caliper, the diameter of the crank shaft rod where the rods are attached to see the bearing size needed.
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        Correct it's the inside diameter that is over sized to compensate for any machining
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        Henry Ford said
        "It's all nuts and bolts"

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