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Zephyr coupes loaded

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    Zephyr coupes loaded

    I help a collector with help from time to time on his collections, he had all six of the Zephyr coupe years and he's had them for some time and it was time for them to go to a new home.

    I lined them up and loaded them on the hauler of choice by the buyer for transit out west. Yes, I would have preferred an enclosed for sure!

    It's rare to have/see one but all six years from '37-'42 may be the only collection like it in the world.

    I call them the girls... so yes.. I have the girls all lined up for their final farewell. Then, a final transport shot. It was a tight fit, and a challenge to load.
    I thought you guys would like to see them so sharing the final farewell. My favorite is the blue '39.

    Larry Shepard
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    Wow Larry....
    I'm glad I have a condom on this iPad... I just drooled!!!!
    ((of course a drooling old phart is nothing new))
    Sweet collection!
    Regards - Randy
    Randy's Rod Shop
    1933 Ford Tudor "Bugsy"