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  • 39 ford deluxe grille

    Hi. I am looking for a 39 ford deluxe grille. I see at shows and everyone's pictures they look to have new grilles. Where are they getting them? I have searched and no one seems to have a good grille for sale. Our original is in bad shape car was wrecked at one point , we purchased a grille and it's poor quality the center chrome bar won't even fit it. I see a lot of cars with what looks like new grilles and new chrome strips and I can't find anyone that sells the grille and the chrome is always on back order. Any input is appreciated.

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    Bill, most 39 Deluxe owners straighten the sheet metal and then have the stainless strips straightened and polished. If you bought a reproduction grill and it is poor quality, send it back to the vendor, explaining your problem.

    You can advertise for a used grill on the following sites, at no cost:


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      Hey Tomo Welcome to the VFF
      As you see, your knowledge is valuable to help getting this area going.. Tell your friends
      Thanks for your input
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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        Bob Drake has the grill strips and the center strips. Also check eBay.



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