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Oil pressure gauge 46

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  • Oil pressure gauge 46

    I can’t get the oil pressure gauge to do anything on our 46. It has two green wires going to it and both are negative (green and black). The sender wire was checked with a continuity tester and is good. I also tried taking positive directly to the sender side of the gauge and it still won’t budge. Any tips to get it working? Or do I need to have it reconditioned?

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    One side of the gauge has battery power when the key is on, the other side is hooked to the sender which acts as a variable resistance to ground, the resistance varying depending on the oil pressure. I believe all the gauges are powered from the same source in the wiring harness. I don't remember the color codes.


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      by copgib
      I ask this question in another post and got no response so I am going to try it again. My mechanic installed a oil pressure gauge next to my water temp gauge. The temp gauge works great but the oil pressure gauge doesn't register any pressure. My mechanic stated he checked and there is oil pressure but thinks I bought the wrong gauge and that a Model A doesnt produce enough pressure to move the gauge...
      04-20-2019, 08:08 PM
    • Jkraft46
      46 Half Ton Gauge Issues
      by Jkraft46
      One of the items on my repair list is to get the gauges working in the truck. Everything on the cluster works other than the oil pressure and the temp. When running, the temp gauge is all the way over on cold (left). When the engine is off, the temp gauge stays on hot, all the way right. The Oil pressure gauge does nothing. Any tips on where to start?
      07-26-2019, 12:35 PM
    • jordanka16
      Oil temperature
      by jordanka16
      I bought one of those under dash 2 gauge holders for the water temp gauge, and I was going to just put a clock or something in the other, but then I thought that an oil temp gauge might be nice. Adding a sender to the sump seems the most logical choice, but the valve cover also seems like a decent choice. Anyone ever done this before? Any ideas?

      I thought oil pressure too but is there...
      07-16-2019, 08:45 PM
    • plyfor
      Oil Pressure gauge
      by plyfor
      I've seen some small gauges that have 1/8" NPT center mounts but can't remember what the correct thread size is for the oil pump side block plug... any gauge recommendation also would be helpful. Thanks....
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    • Neil Bigelow
      model a engine
      by Neil Bigelow
      Does a Model A have an oil pump? and how much psi on gauge is about normal?...
      12-11-2018, 01:09 PM
    • carolinamudwalker
      Oil Pressure too high?
      by carolinamudwalker
      I have a 0 to 10 psi oil gage. When I start the car and for a very long time driving the car the oil gauge is pegged. After an hour of driving it will settle in at about mid range. Outside temp about 65-70 deg. This is a newly rebuilt engine by AER Skokie IL, with new scat crank and cam, but has been recently flooded. I also added an oil filter kit from Mikes affordable with a 90deg adapter...
      04-01-2019, 09:38 AM
    • Standing Elk
      by Standing Elk
      Just curious as to how many of you are using oil pressure and or temp gauges.
      05-08-2018, 07:34 PM
    • Jkraft46
      Ammeter hookup 46 1/2 ton
      by Jkraft46
      Hi all, I am trying to get the gauges back up and running on our 46. This is the 6cyl positive ground system. It’s still 6 volt. The ammeter gauge has a small loop on the back and I have the wire that is supposed to go through it. The wire has a bare spot on it where it passes through the back of the gauge. This wire is a negative wire. When I try to hook it up, the sparks fly. I think it...
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    • ClaudeC
      important question. How do you know if your oil pump is working.
      by ClaudeC
      Just assembled 1933 v8 from old parts, the engine is running, but Is there a way I can assure myself that the oil pump is working?
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    • Art Ebeling
      Temp guage
      by Art Ebeling
      I have a 46 Ford pickup with the temp guage not working. How do I Determine if it is the guage or the sending unit? Thanks Art
      01-17-2019, 09:28 PM