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Goodbye to an old friend

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  • Goodbye to an old friend

    After 13 years of working on my 1952 F-1 it came time to pass the treasure onto someone else. Sold it to a fellow in Santa Barbara.

    Funny how attached we become to these vehicles. I was blessed with all the time (and the money) I put into the project, and even more grateful for all the patience and support I received from the folks on this site.

    Just purchased a 1931 Tudor for my next "tinkering project." I wanted to work on something older than me for awhile. It should arrive next week.

    I will of course remain active on this forum with the same pen name, just a new "Therapy Vehicle."

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    Sure is a pretty truck and I'm sure it will all always be in the back of your mind, until you buy it back !! Glad your getting something to replace her, garage space isn't necessary Pat


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      It is a nice truck and I'm glad you found her a good home. I'm looking forward to seeing the Tudor pics. Welcome to the Model A side : )
      1~1931 Tudor ~ Dad
      2~1930 Tudor's ~ Lucy & Paul

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      "It's all nuts and bolts"

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        Mitch, And I am looking forward to getting the new car home so I can take those pictures. It is suppose to ship at the end of the week from Missouri (18th -19th), So I in hopes that it will be here in Arizona Early the following week.


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