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Henry Ford Sure Built an Empire


  • Henry Ford Sure Built an Empire

    Remember those souvenir picture postcards that fold out into a long string of pictures?
    I wish this one would be reproduced.
    It sure is amazing what an empire Henry built, and in a relatively short amount of time.

    A nice video production of the still photos created by Blown Gasket

    You do not have permission to view this gallery.
    This gallery has 25 photos.

    • Mitch
      Mitch commented
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      Those are some really neat cards,it truly is amazing
      thanks for posting

    • Tom Wesenberg
      Tom Wesenberg commented
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      In the 4th picture, notice the very step ramp that the cars drove down when leaving the factory, and they only had 2 wheel brakes.

    • Terry, NJ
      Terry, NJ commented
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      Tom, This not complete! I don't see anything about Ford Aviaton! The famous Ford Trimotor. And the experimental Ford, "Fliver of the air" single place aircraft. Also,one thing that Ford did that helped the machine tool business, The Jo-Block. These are super accurate gauge blocks which are used in machine shops everywhere. You can "wring" them together and they stay without adhesive or magnetism. Originally called Johansen Blocks, Ford bought the company and mass produced them. Great Find! Also, Ford's production of Eagle Boats (Subchasers) in WW1.
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